*** I apologize to those of you that have been searching for this list. I originally posted this on Miscel (Lainie) ous but it was inside a post about our curriculum choice. I am posting it here to make it easier to locate. It has been revised to reflect our current goals. I hope it helps.***


I know it sounds simple, but it never occurred to us to write a statement of purpose or an education goal for our children. Our schooling experience revolved around public education until graduation from high school. “School” was where we were sent and where we planned on sending our kids. It was only a matter of which school.

Early in my investigation of home education, a veteran home school mom loaned me her copy of The Relaxed Home School. This book taught me the importance of having a goal.

If we didn’t know what we were trying to achieve, educationally speaking, how in the world could we plan in order to get there?! Sometimes we can be quite dull!
It honestly never crossed our minds.

The beauty of it is, once we wrote our goals out, it made finding a curriculum a breeze.

There was only one that fit the bill.

I strongly suggest you stop reading and write down your initial thoughts on your goals for education. I am going to show you our goals because it was helpful for me to see someone else’s goals when we were just starting out. But having a sense of what you and your spouse want for your children before you read someone else’s goals will help you write accurate, personal goals that truly reflect the things that are important to you and your family.

Our goals (and yes we do change them as they need to be changed over time) are:

• To raise children that love the Lord Our God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and love their neighbors as themselves

• To ensure they have a solid foundation of the Word of God and know how to search the Scriptures and dig deeper (Hebrew and Greek transliteration)

• To equip them to be discerning about the things they see and hear so that they will know if those things line up with or contradict the Word of God so that they would not be deceived

• To teach and encourage my children to not only gain knowledge but to be able to think logically with the purpose of applying their knowledge to their lives as well as the lives of those around them in order that they would bless others

• To have very balanced children that are well-versed in a broad range of topics

• To provide the time and opportunity to study in-depth topics of interest such as music, art, writing, filmmaking etc… that they would grow the passions the Lord has placed in their hearts and glorify Him in the process

• To foster a life long love of learning and joy of discovery

• To develop children who will become adults of unquestionable character devoted to Jesus Christ and desiring to reach a lost world in the capacity and gifting of the Lord (to mature in their specific calling from God and be their "part" of His body)


It was startling when I first read what we wrote. There was nothing about grades or national percentage. As I looked at this list of goals I realized they could never be accomplished in a "classroom."

My husband and I, with the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, needed to teach them ourselves.

Please don’t forget, these are goals. Our children (and Karl and I) are working towards these things. They/we are not perfect people but sinners saved by a perfect God.
We’re getting there!

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