This is me... Lainie. Nice to meet ya :)

"If your name is Lainie, why is your blog called Mishmash Maggie?!"

My husband told me that his eldest brother was nicknamed Maggie as a play on his (now also my) last name.

I thought it sounded cool and tried to get Maggie to "take" for my name after we were married.
It didn't work except for, of course, this blog.

Be careful of the crazy things you decide to do on rainy Saturday mornings (like starting blogs not using your actual name or using the characters from the Sound of Music as your kids' blog names!) hee hee

So who am I? Wow that is a question...

I love the Lord. He is so good and rescued me. And continues to rescue me every single day.
I'm growing in grace because He is faithful to complete the work He started.
*sigh* I love Him.

I also love my hubby.  I've known the guy since I was nine  years old.  Funny thing though, as a child I called his mom, "Auntie."  Once we started dating that was-- awkward! :)
Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better husband. Is he perfect? Of course not.
But he sure does come awfully close.

We have three children currently (they are pictured below along with The Man) and we live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in a house that is right next door to my parents. On purpose.
We actually think they are pretty cool and everybody calls them Nana and Papa.

I love to knit and sew.

I can't imagine what else I would tell you that you would want to know.

Although, I do have a love for the dictionary that I talk about at a women's retreat :)

Enough about me... let's meet the kids shall we?

The Eldest and Resident Smarty Pants

Abby (previously used blog name "Leisl") is in 9th grade.
Thoughtful, brilliant with a wide streak of silly.
A filmmaker, screen writer, composer, and baker of yummy things.

She blogs at Castles, Quills, and Cameras.

God packed a whole lot into this tiny, little package.

The Tallest and Resident Sweetheart

Charlotte (previously used blog name "Brigitta") --in 7th grade
Sweet, gentle yet curiously strong! Oh, and she is hilarious.

She also plays violin. And piano. And guitar. And harmonica.
And we're going to get her a mandolin (soon!).

She wants to be a teacher, nurse, missionary or all three.
She just got a ferret for her birthday :)
She is collecting pennies--her goal is one million.
She plans to donate them to fund bible translation.

You can read about her tendency to disappear here.

God was generous when He shared her with us. She still takes our breath away.


The BOY: The Youngest and Resident Comedian

Eijah (previously used blog name "Kurt") -- in 5th grade
Hilarious, tender and very loud.

He sings...

He plans on being busy when he grows up.
He wants to be a firefighter, police man, doctor and a pastor.
He loves living life and playing with Legos.

His thoughts on the futures of Star Wars characters are here.

God named this little guy Himself.
His full name means, "A stubborn warrior whose God is Lord."
May he grow up to be his name.

The Captain

The Man

What can I say about my dear hubby other than he is awesome.

He loves the Lord, he loves me and is a great dad.

He does tend to have a strange sense of humor which is evident in his spider killing techniques.


We are a music playing, song singing, dancing in the kitchen kinda family.
We drink raw milk, read books, play hard, laugh often and try not to sweat the small stuff.

Looking for something??