Sunday, April 15, 2012

Teen Despair

It's been a challenging year for our Abby--
 it's her freshmen year of high school and earlier this year 
she attended the funeral of a friend she knew since grade school.

The cause of death wasn't a diagnosis of disease,
instead it was the disease of despair.

This beautiful and talented young girl took her own life.

She felt unloved and worthless.

She didn't think it would matter if she simply wasn't around any more.

It was sadly ironic to listen to reasons for suicide while
inside a standing room only church service for her memorial.


All of us, young or old, saved or unsaved are vulnerable to believing the lie that
our life doesn't matter-- to people or to God.

On our good days, we know that we matter greatly.
When we are helpful or successful or just happy, we know we have worth.

But when we make mistakes or hurt people we love or just can't seem to "get it right"
despair can creep into the hearts and minds of the best of us.

We have to cling to truth of God's Word that we are valuable
because HE says we are.  In fact, we are valuable enough to have blood shed for us.

How do we know the value of something?
By the price someone is willing to pay of it.

God paid a dear price when He paid for you and me.

Abby wrote a song a few days ago and I asked to please record it
so I could share it.  Perhaps it is for you or a teen you know.

My prayer is that you'll listen to the truth in the words and share it anyone
the Lord lays on your heart.

May it be an apt word at the right time to remind someone
precious to you of the truth that they are precious in the sight of God.


Pauline said...

So sorry to hear about her friend. I pray her song touches someone who needs to hear it. It was beautiful :)

Lainie said...

Thank you Pauline!

Unknown said...

Wow is hardly approprIate for this amazing song, but that is what comes out of my mouth as I hear this. I love the lyrics and the music. Abby's voice is wonderful too. Like her mother, this girl has many talents and never ceases to amaze me.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

A friend of mine posted a prayer request for a young girl that was on life support from an attempted suicide. She later posted that she was successful. This saddens my heart, so many young people... 12, 13, 14 years old... already thinking that their life is worthless and that it is too hard to go on.

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