Thursday, April 14, 2011

All About... Fun!

Just popping in really quick to say not only has All About Spelling been a good fit for Elijah (the girls use Spelling Power), but today he discovered how to make spelling even more fun.

As I read each word, Elijah spontaneously acted the word out in pantomime before spelling it.

Then we did the phrases and, finally, the sentences.

He was making me laugh so hard!

Especially when he acted out things like "Compost pile"

Photo from Cultivatorscorner (dot) com via Google search
 and "gold mine."

Photo from Tripadvisor website via Google search

(He has a very expressive face!)

He was amazed when I told him he did an entire level (should be a week's worth) and he wasn't even tired.

He said, "I think I should do that every time!"

Yes, I would have to agree :)

It made it fun for me, too!

Don't you just love spontaneous moments that work out?
Have you had any lately?  Do tell!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Preserve Me

Psalm 16 vs. 1- "Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust."

     I love strawberries.  

     I especially love fresh picked strawberries on a summer day.  I don’t love reaching into a pile of strawberries and finding some that are so furry they look like road kill.  

In the heat of summer, it doesn’t take long for strawberries to mold.  Thankfully, I learned to can fruit a few years ago and I can preserve them for future use without fear of fuzz.

     I also love Vera Wang dresses.  Her designs are so beautiful and simple… and expensive.  

I had always wanted to have a Vera Wang wedding dress but $6000.00 wedding dresses weren’t in my budget.  I expressed my desire to the lady at the bridal shop before I told her my reality.  I wanted a dress that was cream without a train and I really couldn’t spend more than three hundred dollars.  

She gave me a funny look and disappeared.  

I thought she might be hiding from me but, she returned holding a very red, yes red, dress. 

     She said, “ I know this is red but try it on.”

     I did.  It was beautiful. 

     She said, “This is actually a bridesmaid dress so there’s no train and it happens to come in cream and… it’s a Vera Wang.” 

     No way!  But now for the big question, how much? 
I was living in Minnesota at the time where there is no sale tax on clothing.  
The price -$280.00.  I was thrilled!

      After our wedding, we took the dress to a special drycleaner that preserves dresses.  It is safely store in an archival box for either of our daughters or our future daughter-in-law.

     Now the process for preserving strawberries is quite different from preserving a dress.  

I wouldn’t recommend stuffing a wedding dress into a jar and boiling it.  But even though the processes are different the motivation is the same.  

Webster’s says it well, “ Preserve:  to keep safe from injury, harm, or destruction and to keep alive, intact, or free from decay.”  

Whether it’s moths or mold, preserving keeps something in tact, free from destruction.  As I read Psalm 16, I marvel at the faithfulness of God to preserve me.

     He preserves me for eternal life by providing His Son as propitiation for my sins.  He preserves my peace by giving His Holy Spirit to live inside of me.  He preserves my sanity by giving me His Word so I can know His will and heart and His plan for me.

     Sometimes the process is different.  The Lord has preserved my physical body and life through seven surgeries and several procedures.   I have been kept alive through medical intervention.  Often He preserves me by speaking to my heart about the choices I am about to make.  

The promptings in my heart have kept me safe from harm.  Occasionally, He preserves me by using another believer to speak truth to me.  I am free from decay building up in my spirit by those that love me enough to speak truth.

     Although the process or means were different, the motivation is still the same.  To preserve my body, soul, mind and strength for a future use.  Sometimes the future use is a week away.  Sometimes it is years away.  

But I know for sure that I am always being preserved for my future home in heaven and life face to face with my God, my Jesus.  So, even though there are times when I feel spiritually fuzzy, furry and moldy.  I can know and trust that God is preserving my soul for future use in His presence.  

The psalmist said it well,
“Preserve me, O God, for in Thee do I put my trust.”

     All fabric rots eventually.  Even canned strawberries aren’t good forever.  But a person, trusting in the Lord our God, is preserved perfectly and forever.  May we always trust in Him who is worthy of our trust.  Here’s to preservation.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Try Not To Faint- A Homeschool Update

Shocking, I know.

But, guess what? I'm feeling better and my brain has made a guest appearance :)

Let's hop to it before it disappears!

(knee-slap & giggle as I crack myself up)

In Bible,

we are studying the book of James this year and so far we have memorized up to the end of chapter 3.

Let's talk about this for a minute...

James Chapter 3 has verses in it like, "And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire by hell."

'Tis been an interesting last few months going over and over and over these verses.

During our school time, we did a little activity to demonstrate just how easy it is to spill out careless words, but how difficult (impossible??) to take them back.

We covered our table with plastic wrap and then had each child write with toothpaste...

It wasn't too difficult.  To limit waste, we just wrote a few letters that represented our words...

Ah, but here was the tricky part... try to take the words back!

Very messy and difficult.  It was a great visual reminder to "squeeze" carefully our words because once they are out... you can't put them back in...

In History,

I cannot believe how long it's been since I've posted about school.

 {shakes head in disbelief}

Tomorrow, we start Week... 23 (oops)

Previously, we studied the American Revolution.  Elijah is so enamored of this time period we got him a tricorn hat which he wears everywhere!  Except, of course, when he is wearing his Daniel Boone one :)

We studied the Constitution and I finally understand our government.

Unfortunately, I am not the cartoonist that my husband is and the president ended up looking like a bald 3 year old ;)

Moving on, we've finally started doing our State Sheets!

We love these!

We are up to Maryland becoming a state.

This week we are finishing up the French Revolution.

The girls and I enjoyed watching the Scarlet Pimpernel-- Sink me!

(With kissing scenes covered, of course ;)

In Science,

we are studying botany. We germinated then planted seeds...

For Read Aloud,

we read Mary Jones and Her Bible which was soooooooo amazingly awesome.

Just tonight, we read chapter 7 of William Carey's biography.

Math, English, Spelling, etc... are coming along.  And All About Spelling has continued to be a great fit for Elijah.

He is joyfully reading independently.  His current read is, "Mouse and the Motorcycle."

He had a follow-up eye appointment and his eyes are doing great!

Yay for no therapy!

His drawing and writing are coming along.

In fact, the other night I found a note on my bed...

This one says, "How I started Revelation."

And this note says, "My night was good until my iPod died. (He has a shuffle)  But that's ok ;) I don't mind. What I have been thinking about Heaven. That made me think about the Book Revelation and that's how I started the Book of Revelation..."

Isn't it so sweet??  I love that he is becoming a voracious reader like his sisters.

The girls had their first of two ballet exams.  Charlotte has become quite skilled on the unicycle!

And Abby continues to blog at Castles, Quills, and Cameras.


I know that was a lot, but I had to seize the day.

How are you guys doing??

Did you know that Kathi at A Heart Like Water is doing a weekly Homeschool Highlights?

I hope you'll join her so we can see what you're up to :)

May the Lord bless your week and remember...

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