Monday, November 14, 2011

So, How Ya Been?

So much has happened since I last posted.

This calls for...

{drumroll please}

Bullet Points!

(I love me some bullet points!)

• We went to and are back from San Diego where we 
helped celebrate Karl's parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.

 Aren't they so cute??!!

• We rarely, and I mean rarely, watch television. 
But Nana introduced us to X Factor.
Completely sucked in!

We love Rachel Crow, Drew, Chris Rene, and my personal favorite...

My kids follow me around singing this song from his audition:

• We visited a well-known California food establishment for the first time.
See if you can guess where we ate...

Underneath our drinks/shakes were bible verse references!

There was a reference on our fries, too!

Have you guessed?

The answer is...

• Even though we were having lots of fun in San Diego I couldn't wait to get back here.

I was in a hurry to see a new member of our family.

In a way that only the Lord can do, 
Camille, a beautiful, godly young woman, now lives with us.
Our family of five unanimously decided to invite her to live with us 
and she said yes!
We are now a happy family of six :)

• We are back to school tomorrow.  Nutcracker rehearsals have started 
(but only for Charlotte).
Outdoor soccer season has ended and indoor soccer has started for Elijah.
Abigail is eager to start school up for some reason ;)
She looked ahead in her lesson plans and is stoked about Week 10.
Go figure... {shakes head}
I'm madly rearranging my house since my sewing room is now Camille's room.

• I did some baking this weekend and pulled out an old recipe.
I forgot how amazing these Double-Chocolate Walnut Biscotti's were.

Whew! That is enough for now!

But I will soon have an amazing update on my health (you aren't going to believe it!)

Also, a new quilt in the making.

And the all new and improved Nana.

Stay tuned!


The Director said...

I love The X-Factor! :D :D :D

And to explain why Week 10 is happiness... all the stuff I have to do I like, and there isn't a lot... I'll take a light week any day! :P

Liked the post Mama ;)

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary to Karl's parents! What a wonderful example they are. I must say I am intrigued by the coming health update post and excited to meet Camille. Talk to you soon,

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I had no idea that there were scripture references on in-and-out packaging! and alas, now i am too far away to check it out right now. it'll have to be one more must-do the next time we are stateside.

i can't wait to hear about your updates! the quilt, your health (woot! woot!), and more about camille. :)

your family is such a blessing... i love how you love one another. and to open your hearts and home to someone else is phenomenal. i know that God will bless all six of y'all!

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