Monday, November 14, 2011

Questions Regarding High School Posts

Hi there...

I've had a few emails requesting more posts on Abby and high school.

So far I have posted what her curriculum is, 
how we've graded for science experiments,
and a couple of her writing assignments.

What is it that you'd like to see?

Pictures of her time line book?

More excerpts of her writing?

What day-to-day looks like?

I'd really love to know
and do my best to blog it.

Thanks for your input :)


Amaranthine said...

I'd like to know what her day to day looks like, and I'd also like to know if you ever considered online schooling for her?

It was great to meet you and your family when you came to California. I hope you had a good time here!

Crystal said...

I'd like to see her timeline book...

What her day to day looks like...

Looking for something??