Sunday, November 27, 2011

Late Night Conversations With Abby

Abby: You can rest assured that I at least 
learned one thing from my last science module.

Me: Oh yeah, what's that?

Abby: I know the difference between physical change and chemical change.

Me: So, when you boil an egg and it goes from liquid 
and runny to a solid hard boiled egg, 
is that a physical change or chemical change?

(Very confidently)
Abby: Physical change!

Me: So, you can unboil an egg and return it to a soft state??

Abby: Wait, never mind, I guess I didn't learn anything from my last module.

Ba-rum, dum



Corey P. said...

Bwahahahahaha! That's just too good... :D

Lainie said...

Thank you for appreciating this post. Apparently, no one else does. Abby is hilarious-especially after midnight ;)

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