Friday, November 11, 2011

Digging Revisted

I was looking for something on my blog and came across this post from June of 2009.

I love that Lord encourages me over and over again
and is faithful to remind me of truths I tend to forget.


Our current read aloud is
"Lillian Trasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt" by Janet & Geoff Benge.

She started the first orphanage in Egypt during a time in history when unwanted children were simply thrown into the Nile or other river.

It is an amazing story of faith and of God's faithfulness which has been a wonderful way to wrap up our studies this year.

In our reading tonight, Lillian had been living and working in Egypt for about 30 years and had about 700 children and widows in her care. Money, always for any orphanage I think, was short and she was tired, discouraged, and felt out of hope.

Of course, God showed Himself faithful to her and the children but as she is worked through her struggle she remembered an Egyptian fable that children learned in school.

After Karl read it I started crying and I wanted to share this fable with you.

"It was a story about a boy who had to cross a vast desert. There were no watering holes along the way, so, whenever he needed a drink, he had to stop and dig a well with his bare hands. After he had dug several of these watering holes, his hands were cut and bloody, but he went on. When he finally got to the other side, he was completely worn out.

A month later this boy watched as another boy walked out of the desert. The second boy had taken the exact same route as the first boy, but he looked fresh and happy, skipping along with a huge bunch of flowers in his arms.

"How could you cross the desert and look so fresh and cool?" the first boy asked. "And where did you get those flowers? I didn't see a single one when I crossed just a month ago."

The second boy answered. "Oh, the way is beautiful. There are many small wells brimming with cool water along the way, and around each well there are flowers and shady bushes. It was easy to cross. Didn't you see them?"

The first boy looked down at his scarred hands and smiled. He knew that his own suffering had made the desert an easier place to cross for those who followed after him.
Lord, I don't know the deserts that are being crossed right now but I know that as a desert traveler, we get so weary and wonder if what we do will be worth it in the end. 

Encourage my brothers and sisters in the faith to keep digging knowing that You are using our struggles, our labor, our digging to benefit and bless those that come after us.

I thank You Lord for Your Son Jesus. He traveled the ultimate desert of Golgotha (Calvary) as He died for our sins and provided for us sweet, fragrant salvation. We benefit from the work of His nail-scarred hands that did the work of the Cross--work that only He could do.

Strengthen us, that we would not grow weary in the work that You have called us to: to love and serve one another in grace and humility.

Strengthen us Lord, to never stop digging a well of refreshment to bless another knowing that we never dig alone. You have provided Yourself, through the Holy Spirit, to accomplish Your will--for our good and Your glory.


Excerpt taken from Christian Heroes: Then and Now series. "Lillian Trasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt" by Janet & Geoff Benge. Copyright 2004 YWAM Publishing; pages 161 and 162.


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I love this. Exactly what I needed today!

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What a great reminder of Grace.

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