Sunday, October 9, 2011

And Now A Word From Nana


Karl:  Hey Lain, David Courson (from Hawaii) asked me if I wanted to go to Nepal at the end of the month to help care for lepers.

Lainie: Oh, that's great!  Are we going to Nepal? I want to go to Nepal!

Nana: What?!  What in the world would you do?  Isn't that dangerous?
*a mild scowl forming on her brow*

Karl: No, not really. We would just be helping to care for them.

Nana: I still don't see what you would be doing or why you would want to go all the way to Nepal to care for leopards.

Lainie:  Ma.  


Not leopards.

Nana: *laughing and slapping her knee* Oh, lepers!  Now that makes more sense!


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I <3 Nana! Tell her I said hello! :) She cracks me up.

~Cyndi said...

That was awesome! A perfect note to head to bed on - with a smile. I used one of my nana mugs this morning with her cute little slippers and have thought of her throughout the day. You are so blessed, Lainie! Thank you for sharing Nana's cuteness with us.

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