Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 3 "Family Ties" science about DNA

So this week we are supposed to do a very fun sounding experiment involving
onions, detergent, and something called denatured alcohol.

The 100 Science Experiments book we are using says that we can get it from a pharmacy.

Unfortunately, I only read the science book and didn't read Marie's wonderful, 
sanity saving notes in the teacher's manual.

If I had, I would have discovered that denatured alcohol is easily obtained

from the hardware store.

Hm, pharmacy? Not so much.

This is reminder for me and all the other MFWers out there...
don't forget to read your TM- Marie is here to help us!

And now to observe strands of onion DNA...


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Ashley said...

I have done the same thing...and after fumbling my way through the project I find the note in the manual that would have saved me a lot of trouble!!! So glad I'm not alone!! (I'm smiling now - but I really probably wasnt' when it happened...chuckle!!)

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