Thursday, September 8, 2011

Char-toons: Apologia Science Recap of Weeks 1 & 2

 This is Charlotte's illustration of the experiment on density.
Abby did a video of that experiment (back when we used blog names!)
You can find the video HERE

Here is her illustration of the chemical reaction experiement.
Again, Abby's video from that one is HERE.

Ah, but now we get to the Char-toons!

(I made them as large as I could so you could see better)

These are illustrations of her experiment results...

Dropping a book vs. cardboard

Dropping cardboard vs. card stock

Cardstock vs. plain piece of paper

Experiment # 2

I love her announcement of a new contestant!

Another new contestant!

Her conclusion... 

Cliff Note version...

Finally, her little commentary/sideline giggle...

Ba-rum dup

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