Thursday, September 8, 2011

AHL- 9th grade science

Abby is three weeks into her school year and so far so good.

I've only needed to make one phone call to the MFW office :)

In the lesson plans/ info regarding science, it states very clearly the student's
final grade should be based on the test scores.

The labs/experiments should be completed and scored--
not for accuracy of information, but for effort in completion, following directions, etc...

The reason I called the office?


Well, okay, not exactly that, but what heads the column next to these, is this...

*insert crickets chirping*

Perhaps it's just me.  It usually is, y'know?

But I could not figure out what to put in this line!!

A check mark?

Certainly not a "grade" since it said not to grade it.
But what would be the score????!!!

(Ahhhhh!!!!! *pulls out hair*)

I called the office :)

Thankfully, Bret answered the phone and suggested a 5-point scale.



0= lame/did not do at all/grounded for life (just kidding)

1= Minimal Effort - which makes me consider demoting you back to middle school
(again kidding... sort of)

3= Good Effort-- you read it, you tried to do it, it is legible.
In other words, eh.

5= Excellent! It's neat and complete and shows you actually care 
about leaving the house some time before you turn forty years old!

It worked very well for Abby's first experiment--

I thought she earned a 4.5 out of the possible 5 points.

It wasn't "perfect" but it was very, very good (I thought).

Had she used a ruler and made the lines straight, it would have been a 5 for sure.

So what do you think-- was I too hard, not tough enough, or just right??


Michelle said...

A 5-point grading scale - I like it! Especially liked your grade scale notes *lol*

I think you are *right on!*

The Director said...

I shoulda had a 5. Rulers are for math only. :P

Just kidding. I an very grateful for my 4.5 ;)

Unknown said...

I woulda given a 5 for a great job :o) My son didn't even want to do all of them, said he learned it by doing the first few...

Julie in MN, whose son is a youngest child

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