Monday, August 15, 2011

Update on the High School Room

Part 2

Well, the room was emptied out, holes spackled, and walls cleaned.

My hubs diligently taped off the trim.

Don't be scared!

Wet paint always looks more intense!

While he rolled on the paint, I waited with anticipation to tackle this 
pile o' books we simply dumped into the living room...
after the hallway was too full. :/

Yes, we thinned out the books and the library will be receiving 
a nice big box of donations this week.

Painting is finished and the new curtains (thank you TJ Maxx) are up.

We have three Expedit bookcases (from IKEA) upstairs.
We decided to purchase two desks which attach to the bookcase
 since they are ample sized,
while being priced very reasonably at $50.

(This is the same trick I used on the girls bedroom
but I don't think I ever blogged it.  I'll have to take some pics and do that.)

The trick is to use that space right by the door which is usually wasted.

In our house, space is a premium and we need every square inch.

So right inside the door, there is a bookcase which juts out into the room.
It creates a little hallway...

The room isn't completely done.
I have details to fill in, but I had to share since the hallway idea might help someone else :)

Coming through the "hallway" is Charlotte's desk.

Here is a close-up.

Before we thinned out the books, every single shelf was full!

Because there are shelfs under her desk, I double-stacked
a lot of my books that I don't pull out very often but want to keep.

Double-stacking helped with opening up all four cubby spaces on the top.

Here is a fun chair I found also at TJ Maxx.

This is Abby's desk and the view of the doorway/hallway.

The genius thing about using the Expedit bookcase this way...

We now have room to double-stack books
BUT with the titles facing out on both sides!

Love. it.

Hopefully, I can get pictures of all the other places school happens.
Until then, happy organizing and/or schooling for those that have started already.

Random find:

These lamps are $3.99 at IKEA so the girls each have one on their desk.


Shawon said...

Hi Lainie,

It looks great! I'm sure they will love this room. Good idea to create a "hallway" in the space. I'll have to remember this one as I have to be creative with every inch of space in our house too. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Love, love, love the blue. I have a blue square on my school room wall right now that looks very much like that blue. Which color did you choose? I am trying to decide if it is too bright for all of the warm colors in my house. You should come look at it and help me:-) Anyway, the room looks amazing. Great job!

Monica said...

Love the colors.. so bright!

Ann said...

That looks fabulous! Good job mama!!!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

i love ikea and tjmaxx! very cute work spaces and woohooooo for bookshelves!

Lisa said...

What a great use of space. I love the "hallway" and your wall color. Very nice!

Carissa said...

Love, love, love this idea!!!
"the hallway"

Thank you so much for sharing it with us!


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