Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Curriculum 2011-2012: Here is what we're doing this year

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Better late than never, right?

The blog hop might even be closed by now, but I still wanted to share what we are doing this year.

Abby is our *gulp* high schooler.

She will be using My Father's World Ancient History & Literature.
This will be abbreviated AHL forever more.

 Includes Bible, English, and History
  • Daily Lesson Plans 
  • Taking the Old Testament Challenge
  • The Tabernacle (pamphlet)
  • The New Answers Book
  • The Purpose Driven Life (This is a very small, tiny part of her year.)
  • Daniel Teen Inductive Bible Study 
  • Unwrapping the Pharaohs
  • Literature and Composition Supplement 
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh (condensed version by Robert W. Watson)
  • *The Cat of Bubastes
  • *Bulfinch's Greek and Roman Mythology
  • *The Iliad (translated by Robert Fagles)
  • *The Odyssey (translated by Robert Fagles)
  • Eric Liddell (by Catherine Swift)
  • Encyclopedia of the Ancient World
  • Exploring World History (Notgrass)
  • Exploring World History Quiz and Exam book
  • Timeline Figures (Creation to Christ)
  • Ancient History Timeline Book 
  • World History Map Activities
  • Rand McNally Historical Atlas of the World
This should definitely keep her busy!

For math she is using Jacobs Geometry:

For Science she is using Apologia Biology:

She will continue to dance ballet. Her and Charlotte are both in Grade 7 for dance and both are in Intermediate Foundation 2.

Abby is currently on Suzuki Book 5 for violin.

Our little Miss Charlotte (that is now taller than me) is in 7th grade and Mr. Elijah is in 5th grade.

They are finishing the 5 year cycle this year!!!

  We will be using the 1850-Modern Times package from MFW

Includes Bible, History, and Science
  • Teacher's Manual
  • Student Sheets with State Sheets 
  • A Young Person's Guide to Knowing God
  • Tales of Persia
  • Witnesses to All the World
  • States & Capitals Songs
  • Jumbo U.S. Map Pad
  • The Story of the World, Volume 4
  • The Story of the World, Activity Book 4 Timeline Book
  • Children's Encyclopedia of American History
  • America's Favorite Patriotic Songs
  • The World of Science 
  • 100 Science Experiments

Art..God and the History of Art & Music...The Stories of Foster & Sousa in Words and Music, George Gershwin, and Sousa to Satchmo

For Math, she will start Saxon in 8/7.  She completed Singapore 5B and actually started 6A last year.

She will do two Progeny Press literature guides:
Anne of Green Gables and Swiss Family Robinson:

She'll do formal grammar with...

Continued use of Spelling Power.  I think she is on Level I.

And Science with Apologia General Science:

I got her the Modern Cursive Book as a review.  
She actually has beautiful penmanship.  

She will continue to dance Ballet and take violin lessons.
She now has Tagalog Rosetta Stone.

My goodness she is going to be busy!


Mr. Elijah will continue in Singapore Math with 4A & 4B.

He will continue in Intermediate Language Lessons (as a supplement since there is so much language arts built into the MFW program).

He is also doing Modern Cursive:

And we'll give Writings Strands a go with him this year.

He is currently on a break from both violin and drums.  
However, he just started voice lessons and I think that will be a good fit for him.
He is also playing soccer this Fall.

All of us attend a mid-week bible study at church, as well as Sunday services.  
The kids are not in any other type of "youth group."

And I think that's it for us!

For all visiting from Heart of the Matter Online,


janice Bella Birthdays and Celebrations said...

Have A Blessed Year!

Lainie said...

Thank you so much!

Theresa said...

Stopping by from the blog hop!

My oldest is entering sixth I am interested in following you...It won't be long before we are embarking on our high school journey!

Kim said...

It sounds like another busy and full year ahead. It's still sinking in that our oldest girls are in high school now! Time really does fly by my friend.

Sally said...

Whoo whee! I can smell all those delicious books from Virginia! You are making me excited for those high and junior high years! GAK! Did I just say that? :)
Have a great year!

I Read. Do You? said...

Hello! I'm stopping by from the Heart of the Matter "not" back to school curriculum blog hop. Looks like you have some great stuff planned! Love the high school plans!

Kathi said...

We are going to be SO. BUSY. know that, right?!!!

(oh, and I gotta teach a certain little almost 7 yr old First Grade too!)

(oh, and I bought Wesley and Benjamin the Preschool you think they'll let that stay in the box?)

(oh, and I'll probably have to pull Judah out from under the table a few times:)

(oh, and we're having a BABY in February!)

Life IS an adventure!

...after typing all that, I see why ballet, and soccer are a no-go for us right now...and why I'm grateful for self-teaching piano courses, and I'm glad we aren't involved in a youth group. We are, however still seeking a voice instructor, and Korinne is dying to take an Art class :)

Wondering When Nana Will Make An Apperance,

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