Friday, August 5, 2011

The Heart of My Father's World

Last Friday was my last evening in Rolla, Missouri.

I had been there for two weeks working in the home office of My Father's World.

I was able to see (and get to know better) sweet friends that are knit together by the Lord and our common threads of a love of Jesus and gratefulness for MFW.

This trip was extra special because I really felt like I got to know the heart of MFW better.

And for me, the heart of MFW is Marie Hazell.

You rarely see Marie's picture or hear her speak at conferences, but if you look at the cover of your teacher's manuals, with simplicity and humility, you will see her name.

As you use the curriculum and understand the long term vision, you will invariably see her heart.

I received a first glimpse when she shared what was in her heart and mind as she wrote "Exploring Countries and Cultures," or ECC as we all call it.

Marie said, "When I wrote ECC, what I wanted the children to learn most of all was that God loves all people."

ECC was our first experience with MFW and I can testify that this indeed is the heart of the curriculum.

ECC very thoroughly teaches physical geography, but Marie masterfully guides you and your children through each country and shows you all the wonderful people that God made and loves dearly.

It's more than learning country names and coloring flag sheets.

It's about really seeing all the people that God loves and calls His people, believers in Jesus, to love.

Her heart for missionaries, her compassion for the lost and her passion to see all people with the Word of God in their heart language is at the foundation of all she does.

The work that God has called her to has inspired others to come along side and help.

With MFW profits, God's Word for the Nations is able fund translation work.

Every morning before starting work, the MFW staff prays for one another.

But first, always first, they pray for a specific people group or team working on a translation.
Everything at MFW is viewed within the larger context of how they can spread the Word of God to people who are hungry for it.

The My Father's World curriculum is simply a tool.

It's a tool for parents to help them achieve their God-given goals for their children.

It's a tool to provide a great, solid, biblical foundation for our students while freeing up our time to focus on other areas of ministry the Lord has for us.

And, it's a tool for funding translation work so the Word of God can be read.

It's also been the passion, focus, and labor of love of Marie Hazell for nearly a decade.

I am grateful for the opportunity to see the depth of her love for the children in all our homes.

For those of us committed to using MFW, please know that the heart behind it is genuine and real.


Tina Hollenbeck said...

The Lord just recently (very recently!) led me to switch from MFW to something else - a change that took me by surprise and still has me feeling somewhat whiplashed, though I know it's right for my family. However, though I've never had the chance to meet Marie, I've spoken with David on the phone and helped at a convention and met another couple that works for MFW, as well as speaking with a few folks (maybe you!) on the phone over the years. And, though I am certain the MFW materials are not the right fit for us now, it sure is obvious that MFW folks have a heart for the Lord and for reaching the lost.

The Director said...

Good post, Momma. I can testify, too- I was honored enough to get up one morning and see Mrs. Hazell sitting at the table working on some kindergarten worksheets :D

All of a Kind Family said...

This was such blessed assurance that we chose the right curriculum for our school year. And, ECC at that!

Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing, Lainie. I agree that after spending time with Marie helped me to see the heart of MFW and love it all the more. What I love is seeing the fruit in my children's lives and knowing that MFW had a large part to play in that has made me an even bigger fan.

We pray for MFW daily and for all the amazing people that work there. You can see His hand working in the lives of families that He brings to MFW.

Kathi said...

Very thoughtful post Lainie, and very helpful to those of us who have not had the opportunity to meet/get to know the folks directly involved with MFW (YET!).

Since Kattie and I are gearing up for Homeschool Highlights in MFW, I'd like to share a bit of this post, and directly link to it, ok?

As you know, we skipped ECC when we started with MFW back in 2007, but I'm pretty excited to get through this 5th year in the cycle and experience the 'heart' of MFW myself (oh, and the kiddos:).


p.s. so :) to see you back here more often <3

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

love this!

Amy said...

This is an amazing post and it is so timely that I found it today. We have used MFW from the start. This year we will be using ECC for the first time. It is the year I have be waiting for since I found the program. I am in love with what the Hazels have put into this curriculum. I have had the chance to see and hear David many times at convention, and I just get an amazing sense from him about the woman Marie must be. What an amazing family and organization. Thank you for sharing this. It just reassures me even more that we are on the right path in our Father's world. <3

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