Saturday, August 13, 2011

Char-toons: Waterloo- Napoleon's Last Battle

While flipping through Charlotte's notebook from last year
I came across one of her comic-style written narrations.

We have dubbed them, "Char-toons," and we all
get a huge kick out of them.

I am posting the one on Waterloo.


(To see more detail, click on the picture to view larger)

The very last word ended up in the binding.
It should read,
"He really would have made a great botanist."

For those that have already studied this time period or
 are familiar with the events know 
that her comic is very accurate.  I love when my kids operate
"outside the box" and express the information in a fun, easy to share, way.

I found these templates that we may use this upcoming school year:
Comic Strip Template


Do your kids use a comic book format for narration work?

Any fun "narration" suggestions?

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