Thursday, April 14, 2011

All About... Fun!

Just popping in really quick to say not only has All About Spelling been a good fit for Elijah (the girls use Spelling Power), but today he discovered how to make spelling even more fun.

As I read each word, Elijah spontaneously acted the word out in pantomime before spelling it.

Then we did the phrases and, finally, the sentences.

He was making me laugh so hard!

Especially when he acted out things like "Compost pile"

Photo from Cultivatorscorner (dot) com via Google search
 and "gold mine."

Photo from Tripadvisor website via Google search

(He has a very expressive face!)

He was amazed when I told him he did an entire level (should be a week's worth) and he wasn't even tired.

He said, "I think I should do that every time!"

Yes, I would have to agree :)

It made it fun for me, too!

Don't you just love spontaneous moments that work out?
Have you had any lately?  Do tell!


The Director said...


Chally and I were wondering what on earth you two were laughing about in there... XD

I taught him everything he knows about expressive faces. :P

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Very fun! We use AAS and love it; I'll have to start encouraging some pantomime. :^)

It also reminds me of when I was teaching my girls to count to 100 a few years ago. When they did it sitting down, it was a struggle, but when I let them do it while running around the table or doing jumping jacks or was a breeze. :^)

Kathi said...

I love, love, love to see the kids enjoying learning!

I'm glad AAS is working for you guys. We're using R&S and liking it too!

Hope you guys are doing well...we're getting hit by some crazy storms (of course, we're on Spring Break:)


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