Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Mid-Blog Crisis

Those of you who have been my companions for the last few years know long blogless droughts are not the norm.

Those of you who have been faithful readers know at the very least I'll make mention of school.

But as the title suggests, I'm having a bit of a "mid-blog crisis." 
And blogging about not blogging is never a good idea.

My thought is, most of you are moms.  Moms are busy people.  You are my friends and you will understand the quiet.

But you are such good friends that not only have you understood the quiet, you've grown concerned.

For that I love you all.

My quiet has more to do with ability right now. 

My frail "tent" is giving me trouble and I am waiting and hoping on the Lord to provide answers.

In Him timing... in His way...

'Tis not an easy wait, especially since I am an impatient person.  But, I know that is all part of His divine plan.  More of Him means less of me.


The only thing I can think to do is this challenging season of my life, to keep sane, is to appreciate the little things and to be grateful for all I have.

I know some are doing this as they are reading Ann's book, One Thousand Gifts, which I'm sure is lovely.  I, however, do not own that book. But I do have a Book that says,

O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good; 
for His mercy endureth for ever.
1 Chronicles 16:34

My list may seem strange to you.  But right now, these are the things I am truly thankful for.

I am thankful...

1. I woke up in my own bed today.
2. That I have bladder and bowel control.
3. That I can smile.
4. I can breathe on my own.
5. I can swallow.
6. That we have medical insurance.
7. That the internet makes the world smaller, closer.
8. That I have a husband that loves me and never makes me feel "less."
9. That my children are very gentle with me.
10. For my parents that live next door.

11. For good friends and show their love for me.
12. That God loves me even when reading His Word is difficult.
13. For a good church that faithfully teaches through Scripture.
14. For Rocky Road ice cream :)
15. For Asian Pears
16. For a working vacuum cleaner.
17. For running water.
18. For working toilets.
19. For a dishwasher.
20. For a refrigerator.

21. For food to put in the refrigerator.
22.  For a great curriculum that helps me stay on track when days are hard.
23. For Stash Fusion Breakfast Green and Black tea.
24. For raw honey.
25. For a car.

I am thankful...
26. For music.
27. For iPods.
28. that I can speak (even when it is slow and painful).
29. that my hands work.
30. that Jesus is faithful.

More next time...

Hopefully, I can update school soon too.  We are heading into Week 21, I think ??

Oh wait!  # 31- I am thankful for this beautiful ring Andrea made me...


Pauline said...

So sorry you have not been feeling well lately...a prayer is going up as I type :) One of these days we'll take off these old worn-out "tents" and the Lord will clothe us with His permanent, glorified, wrinkle-free "housing". Blessings to you and your family.

Sherri said...

I, too have offered up prayers on your behalf and commit to praying for you everyday this week before my children & I start our day. Do keep us updated on your progress as we pray.

Kathi said...

You know I miss you...but you also know I understand. I hope you are well soon, and I pray. I do.

Love, Love!

P.S. I am thankful that your are blessed with your list of blessings :)

Kim said...

Boo to the worn out tent! Yay to the new ones we get in Heaven:-)

Missing you tons Miss Lainie Pants and praying for you always. Looking forward to see you tonight:-) Hm, asian pears, tea, rocky road all sounds divine! I love you my sweet, sweet friend!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

An attitude of gratitude is always a good thing!

I have not been writing much on my blog. Life has become quite busy (again) and the internet and blog reading just hasn't been making the cut. I can't wait for things to slow down where I can visit once again with my friends. :)

Praying for you tonight, for your health and for God to continue encouraging you. You sure do encourage me, my friend!

Mucho love,

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