Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Father: Part Two

Our Father.

A father, as well as a mother, is a parent.
I have the honor of living next door to my parents.
Over the last year in particular I've learned things about my parents that I hadn't known before.
It's added a new richness to our relationship. They are so much more than "just my parents."

Likewise, as my children get older, I share with them more of my life prior to their existence.
They always seem to be astonished that I was a person before they were born!

"You've been there?! You've done that?!" they exclaim.

Their reality of me begins with their existence but I, as their parent, existed before them.

My reality began long before their perception.

As I learn more about God and ponder His eternalness I realize I'm just like my children!

I can't wrap my brain around His existence outside of our concept of time.
Yet, it is so simply mirrored in my existence before my children's "time."

God is our Father.

He had to exist prior to "us" because from Him we came to be.
I am eager to learn more of my Father beyond how it affects me.
I want to learn of Him to know His heart and to see His face.
I'm grateful I will be in His presence for all eternity.

I hope eternity is long enough to truly know "Our Father."

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