Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Father: Part One

I'm currently reading "Experiencing God through Prayer" by Madame Guyon. 

She encourages the reader to experience God by meditating on His Word. 
Her definition is:
"To meditate on God's Word simply means to take a portion of Scripture and begin the following procedure. Read only a small section and allow that passage to be "digested" before going on to another."

She uses the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 as an example. I have picked up this book twice before and have yet to get beyond "Our Father."

I wrote a short series of posts about what I learned from meditating solely on these two words.

Our Father.
My first realization is that we are all part of the "our" and He alone is the father. 

If He is the Father, and He is, then we are the children. As a mother of three children, there is nothing that blesses my heart more than to hear and witness my children being kind and loving to one another.

My heart was pierced the moment I realized that.

How many of my "brothers and sisters" have I been rude to? How much love have I withheld? Once again, I am swiftly brought to the cross of Christ Jesus with gratitude that He washed away the marks of sin I accumulate.

"Lord, I need Your humility to see everyone as Your beloved children. Holy Spirit show me how to love His children and be a blessing to "Our Father."

This series was originally posted on my very first blog which is no longer active.  I ran across it today and wanted to keep it closer to me. Thanks for indulging me :)

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