Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Father: Part Four

Our Father.

We belong to Him.

I belong to Him. I need reminding of that.
When my flesh affords itself flagrant freedom I forget I am His and He loves me.

Even in my wretched state, before I was reconciled to Him, while I was still His enemy, He loved me. Why then as a blood-washed, reconciled, entering into Heaven, child of God do I think,
"Now I've done it. Now He's really mad at me."

I could never earn His favor for salvation. Do I believe I could lose it now?

Why, if I could cause the Lord to remove His grace from me I would be capable of causing God, Creator of Heaven and earth, to deny His very character.

I (should I be saying "we"?) am not that powerful!

We must face facts- Jesus loves us with an everlasting love.

Love is who He is and we could never change Him.

Instead, we must cooperate with Him, as we are changed by Him, to be like Him.


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