Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Her One Woman(ish) Show

We thought it was amusing when she wanted stilts, which Papa made her for Christmas a few years ago.

Then, we got her Mr. Darren-- ferret extraordinaire.

She has taught him to leap (31 inches is his record), jump, hop, and now he jumps through a Hula hoop.

This past Christmas she asked for...

a Unicycle!!

And Nana and Papa bought one for her!

It took several weeks for her to be able to ride more than a couple of inches.

But if there is one word to describe this daughter of mine, it would be


Not much has come easy for this sweet one of mine.

Respiratory problems, significant speech delays, and fine motor delays marked her early years.

But that girl is a fighter! Oh, the tenacity!

Then, we discovered significant allergies which broke our hearts.

But, our God has been generous in His healing and overwhelming in His love.

All these trials have been such an intense flame of refinement and seeing what I see in her, I am amazed at His work and applaud Him for it.

She has a strong, determined sweetness about her.

She is gentle mercy and unmoving steadfastness.

She is our Charlotte...

and she now rides a unicycle ;)

(Abby shot the footage while riding her skateboard :)
And she made the video of her baby sis.

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

woohooooo! way to go charlotte!

noah and i were VERY impressed. believe it or not, riding a unicycle has been on my list of things i want to learn to do (along with balloon animals, juggling, and knitting). :) i'm serious!

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