Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Midnight Run to Taco Bell and Elijah Takes A Stand

There are so many "posts" in my head.  I wish I could somehow transmit them to Blogger without needing time or energy to type.

But, after I saw something Elijah had written on the whiteboard last night, I knew it was time to dig in, sit down, and type away.

But first I need to give you a little context...

• In our studies, we are just starting Week 16 and pre-Revolutionary War.

• My husband and I went to prayer meeting last night.  While the kids hung out at home, the girls were sewing on the dreaded ballet slipper ribbons for exams.

• Abby=14 and all that that encompasses.  Enough said.

After we got home, I checked in with the girls and I was so proud of them!!

They both got their ribbons sewn on and they looked beautiful.

Charlotte was happy and very proud of herself.

Abby... was out of sorts.

She doesn't like to sew and being hunched over (as she was) made her back hurt and her eyes ache.

She came into my bedroom and said she was going downstairs to eat a snack and then she was going to bed.

I was reading, all comfy cozy in bed, when I heard this near panic cry from the kitchen.

"Who ate the last of my granola??!!"


Abby has become the granola making genius and she had whipped up a new batch a few days ago.

I had a feeling Karl must have eaten the last piece.  I called down,

"I don't know honey.  I haven't had any.  It might have been your Dad."

Now, for those of you that have read her post about trusting in God, know that God has been doing a work in her heart.

Having had a long night doing something she doesn't like, then being disappointed by not getting to eat the last of something she made, plus being in pain had the potential to make her very crabby.

I laid very still and listened.  I was curious to know what she would choose to do with her bundle of emotions.

I heard, very softly, dishes being put away.  Then I heard the water running and dishes being loaded.  No sighing.  No  grumbling.  Simply a task being done.

I smiled.

Then, I got up, out of my warm, soft, cozy bed, and went downstairs.  I already had a plan in mind.

She noticed me from the sink and looked up.

I smile and asked, "What did you end up eating?"

Oh, the sad, sad look!  Big crocodile tears and, "Nothing."

"Oh honey, you want to make a midnight run to Taco Bell?  I think I still owe you one."

Oh the bright eyes and big, happy smile!  "Really?  Really?"

Yes, really :)

I ran upstairs to tell Charlotte that I was taking Abby for a TB run and did she want anything.  She gave me her order and I told her to let Daddy know where we went if he woke up looking for us.

As Abby and I were getting ready to leave, we noticed something written on the kitchen whiteboard by Elijah.

We laughed so hard.

Let me explain.

About a year or so ago, Elijah was very excited about some special treat he was eating.  And Abby, as she was reaching her hand into the bag of yumminess, informed Elijah that he needed to pay "Big Sister Tax."

It has since become a very big joke.  She doesn't collect very often but she will bring it up any time Elijah has something good.

The board said...

It says,
"No Taxation without representation... translation- No Sister Tax"

Apparently, he had had enough!  Be warned people, knowledge is dangerous!!!


Abby and I went off in the crazy fog (who knew??) and made a midnight run to Taco Bell.  Taco Bell is the only "fast food" place of indulgence we visit.  And we still only visit rarely.

But, tonight was the night.  It wasn't about food, missing granola, or ballet ribbons.  The Lord made my heart soft to my daughter.  She needed to be tended to.  She needed something special.  She needed to feel loved.

We picked up our tacos (for the girls) and one bean tostada for the mommy.

We sat around the table and laughed at the hot sauce packets.

I liked, "When I grow-up, I want to be a bottle."  Hee hee

We didn't have a serious conversation.  In fact, we were really silly.

We laughed a lot.

After we had eaten, we moved in front of the fireplace and chatted a little more, laughed a little more, and loved much.

We all went to bed happy and filled... not with tacos, but with joy.

A wise mom told me just before Abby started grade school, that time goes really fast once your first child starts school.

She was right.

She also just graduated her last, the fifth, child.

She has informed me, as we will have our first high school freshmen this Fall, that the high school years go twice as fast as the rest of it.

I believe it.  It already feels faster.

I want my relationship with my kids to be rich and deep.  Rich in love and deep in trust.

That means that I need to walk in the Love of Jesus and know He loves them more than I do.

And I need to trust that He has guided us all these years and that He will be faithful to guide them.

I have lots more in my brain about the passing of this baton called Faith.

But, for now... I encourage you to smile at your kids for no reason at all and let them know that not only do you love them, but that you like them.

Oh, and ah...Tacos anyone?


The Director said...

I like you! :D You're a good Mommy..... <3

Pauline said...

How wonderful! So glad you and your daughter had such a silly and sweet time :) That little boy of yours sounds like a hoot!

Tammi Klusewitz said...

Substitute 'coffee' for 'tacos' and it sounds like typical Magsarili.
Miss you guys!

Kim said...

I really love this. Your heart was open and ready to spend time with Miss Abby and meet her right where she was at. It sounds like a fun night and new memories were made. Great stories to share with the grandkids someday:-)

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