Friday, December 24, 2010

The Post That Begged To Be Written

It is Christmas Eve.

I shouldn't be blogging.

I hadn't intended on blogging.


we were all sitting at the kitchen table talking and taking some pictures.

We even used the self-timer function and a tripod.

Impressive? Okay, maybe not.

After our last shot, Elijah ran up to the camera to make sure the shot had, indeed, taken.

Because no one in our family can ever do anything even remotely normal,
he started singing, dancing, and beatboxing,

"Oh yeah, oh yeah.. it took it, it took it.  It took the picture!!

{dance, dance, wiggle, shimmy, prrrtttt, prrrrttt, bam}

It was a sight to behold.

Karl's mom, I call her 'Inang,' knowing that Elijah wants to fly airplanes on a carrier when he is older,
said to him,

"They'll never believe you're a Captain on a carrier."

To which Elijah strongly replied,

"Did you just call me a...


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Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

Too funny! Yes, we've all been a bit goofy tonight. Did Charlotte tell you about our "stinky" conversation?

I've been playing with my new tripod. Camera timers are awesome!

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