Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Christmas Letter, 2010

Most of our Christmas letters have been sent via snail mail.

Since my hubby puts some much into our letter each year, I wanted to share it with all of you.

May Christmas fill your hearts everyday, as we watch and wait for His appearing...

Christmas 2010 
by Karl Magsarili

My children have taught me the preciousness of time

It can slip away quickly without reason or rhyme

They were once little infants dependent on me

But as they have grown they are being set free

I blinked and my Elijah, who once crawled on the floor

Is dribbling a soccer ball, trying to score

His coach notes his humble height sets him apart

But what impresses him most is he plays from his heart

I turned and my Charlotte, as an infant so small

Would climb on the furniture to try to get tall

She’s now doing pirouettes on the ballet stage

And to see her on pointe means she’s coming of age

My ear was distracted from hearing Abby’s first word

Then I realized a tap, tap, tap fills the air like a bird

She is blogging about her life, as a young teen

Or writing a novel about castles and queens

I was eight by a pool in the San Diego sun

Beside me she was nine and my heart leapt a ton

After 16 years of marriage, Lainie still makes me melt

A blessed gift from God, my wife, I was dealt

Homeschooling is still how the kids learn creation

Violin the girls do to make a music sensation

Elijah’s still drumming to give us a beat

Mr. Darren, our ferret, still loves to sleep

These things we all do, gives us a part

Of life and its living, what pleases our heart

But what brings me most joy in the car late at night

Is my kids singing praises to the God of Light

I grew up with Christmas meaning Christ at the center

A gift from God, so Heaven we may enter

For whatever good I do, falls short of His glory

We all have failed at one time, that’s all of our stories

But grace is His gift, and it didn’t come cheap.

Like a Lamb to the slaughter, He uttered not a peep.

Except to say, “It is finished!” His work it was done.

We are now brought to the Father by the work of the Son.


From all of us to all of you...

Merry Christmas


RachelT said...

That is such a sweet letter! I love the rhyming, but also what it is really saying about your family!

Kelsey said...

LOVE IT! :-)

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

That is a wonderful letter. Merry Christmas!!!

The Director said...

I love Daddy :)

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