Monday, December 6, 2010

From The Inbox: How Am I Feeling, Anyway?

A handful of readers have been kind enough to reach out and ask about my health.

Trying to find the balance between transparency and too much information is a challenge for me.

I am very open and willing to share anything about my life when asked.  But, I don't presume that my health issues are... interesting reading ( for lack of a better phrase) for those that take the time to visit here.

But in the last two weeks, I've had several inquiries by readers so I thought a little "get ya up to date" post might be helpful.

A litte history... I've never been a "sturdy" person.

As a child I've had issues with asthma which were made worse by a spontaneous pneumothorax (a hole in the lung). There is some scarring on my lungs and a few years ago my asthma (which had been quiet) flared up, so I take medication every day as maintenance.  Breathing is a good thing!

In middle school I started having migraine headaches.  There is a strong family history of migraines.  Thankfully it appears only one of my children has problems with these types of headaches.  Of course, I wish none of my children suffered with these, but I am grateful they don't affect all three.

In addition to three C-sections, I've had two other abdominal surgeries.  I still have "tummy" trouble, but I manage the best I can.

My recent issues, which I refer to as "twitching," are... a mystery.

About a year and a half ago I started having involuntary movement.  The episodes were months apart and I could usually pinpoint the start of one to accidentally bumping my head or having some other physical strain to my head and neck.

I thought it had something to do with bulging discs in my neck since I also had nerve pain, etc...

Ah, but it appears we are dealing with something else.

My flare ups have become more frequent and more intense.

When I am "twitching" it means that...

• I have difficulty walking, standing, or sitting without involuntary movement/jerking of my torso and limbs.  Recently I have even started to twitch while lying down.

• I have difficulty speaking and sometimes swallowing.

• I have involuntary facial grimaces.

• I have severe muscle cramps and a twisting feeling especially in my legs.

• Simple things like feeding myself are exhausting and require a lot of concentration.

We don't have a "label" for it yet.  We know I seem to have an absorption issue... meaning I don't do a great job of getting vitamins, minerals, and especially electrolytes from food into my bloodstream.

It might be a metabolic disorder... could be MS... it could be something else entirely.
Only time will tell.

The only thing I do know is that God has used this season of affliction to draw me even closer to Him and I have great peace.

I don't ask people to pray for healing... as I'm fond of saying,
"Why waste a perfectly good affliction by praying for healing?!"

I pray thanksgiving for His promised strength, sanctification, and endless supply of grace.

I pray praise for His Sovereignty, His Sufficiency, and for being Yahweh Shalom- the God of Peace.

I am grateful for a loving family, flexible/understanding children, and great caring friends.

I appreciate my goods days and try not to take them for granted.

But, am I excited about getting a new heavenly "body?"  You betcha!

My "tent" has been through it's share of storms, but I know there are so many others that suffer so much more than I could ever imagine.

I hope this helps clarify some things.

Here is to hope...


Lynda said...

I am so sorry to hear about your health problems. It has not affected you contagious humor though. God has blessed you with a lot of strength. My prayers are with you even though it is a "perfectly good affliction", they will not be wasted. lol

Lainie said...

Thank you Lynda for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your prayers :)

Kathi said...

I had no idea. I thought you just meant you were having a bad day.

I don't know what else to do besides pray?...

I'm glad you have a good support network too. Makes me feel better about all this.

Love and Prayers!

Kathi said...

Your good attitude and strength are inspiring, I agree.

RachelT said...

Hi Lainie! I am sorry to hear about this and I hope that it goes away! But even if it doesn't, I will pray that you will find some answers so that you can know what you are dealing with. I will also pray for your peace about it. Have a great day!

Kelsey said...

Praying for answers for you Lainie.
I went through so many crazy tests this summer to try and pinpoint what was going on with me and I know how frustrating it can be. You manage so well while suffering, what an encouraging woman you are to many people (like me! :-))

Press on! Praying!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

"Why waste a perfectly good affliction by praying for healing?!"

Oh Lainie. Words cannot express...

I praise God for holding you up and giving you strength. I praise God for your understanding family and caring friends. I praise God that He never wastes our pain and suffering, but has a plan and purpose that are higher than our ways. I praise God for His grace and mercy, for His might and majesty. And I praise God for YOU.

You bless me.

Elle said...

I came to your blog looking for that awesome manger scene. I know this post is a year old, but I felt I should comment. This year has been tough for me too. I don't have twitching or anything severe, but I've had pneumonia, extreme depression and tiredness, loss of hair, rashes, vertigo and name a few things. I also seemed to suffer from some really random throat clearing thing that was so annoying...but my doc chalked it up to allergies and sent me on my way. Well because my kids have a ton of issues with Aspergers and ADHD like symptoms, we removed both gluten and casein (most dairy products) from our diets. My son stopped wetting the bed but now is doing it again. WE think his allergic to something else now. Anyway, but all my symptoms mostly disappeared. I also found out that I'm not absorbing Vitamin D. So I'm taking megadoses of that and although I feel better, I'm not sure if I'm at normal levels yet. I have learned a ton about how food affects us during this process -- food coloring, dairy products, corn, soy, and gluten are huge culprits to our bodies feeling so junky. If you haven't tried it already, I am curious if you have a food allergy. It's amazing what some foods can do to us. My son wets the bed, is hyper, can't sleep, gets skin rashes...some have been improved by diet but we are still working on all of that. I know its been a year now so maybe you have found more answers to what you are dealing with. At any rate, I thought I'd share what we've experienced. Maybe it won't help, but its there. Hang in there Lainie. --Michelle

Lainie said...

Hi Elle, Thank you for taking to comment during such a busy time of year. I've been meaning to post an update. Although I do have some mild food allergy issues, mine is definitely musculo-skeletal. Because of numerous injuries over the years, a lot of my ligaments are like stretched-out pantyhose can cannot hold me in place. When I try to exercise I just re-injure myself because the ligaments are so floppy. I've undergone what is still considered an experimental procedure that has helped soooooo much. The ligaments are repairing and now have spring to them again. I'm doing so much better!

My neurological system is also wired really weird so I don't present in a textbook fashion so diagnosing has been tricky.

I hope you find answers for yourself and your son. Praying for peace and comfort until you do.

Lord bless you!

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