Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ballet Toes, some cool links, and a prayer request

Tomorrow is Dress Rehearsal for Nutcracker.  My little ballerinas (who are both recovering from being sick) have a long, busy weekend ahead of them.

Thankfully, the love it and would miss it incredibly if they weren't dancing.

Today was a day of errands... new leotards, tights, theater make-up, and a few Christmas gifts.

Tech rehearsal was tonight and went smoothly.  We will be watching on their very last (6th) show on Monday night.  Prayers for energy, strength, and cheerful countenances are greatly appreciated ;)


There is a cool video floating around Facebook and I had to share.  It is pretty cool--

It's called a, Social Network Christmas, put out by Igniter Media.

I checked out a couple other videos and the kids really liked this one, Retooning The Nativity.



I'm sure most of you have heard about the tragedy of fellow homeschool mom and blogger over at Roscommon Acres.

I love this post by Heart of the Matter online that reminds us to know and remember his life.

My prayer request is, of course, of the Hanley Family... but this heartbreaking story is also hard on those families that have already walked (and continue to walk) through the heartache of losing a child.  I can't imagine what kind of emotions this story has stirred up in their own hearts, especially so close to Christmas.  Please pray for those hurting so profoundly this Christmas... pray the joy of the Lord to be their strength.  Especially our sweet friend Marsha... she, with great grace and dignity, clings to faith in Jesus and points others to Him in the midst of her own hurts and longing.

Thank you and Lord bless you guys...


The Director said...

I love you, Momma :)

That video is really cool o_O

Will be praying for everyone mentioned, and then some.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Retooning the Nativity is a classic in my book!

And Dana. Oh my how my heart breaks for her. Thank you for remembering her and thank you for remembering me, Lainie. You are a precious, gracious woman, friend and sister in Christ!

RachelT said...

Those are great videos that we had not seen yet. Thanks for sharing! My daughter is in the Nutcracker this weekend, too. It was fun to finally be at her dress rehearsal last night - even on her birthday! Praying for you all and hoping you can enjoy it, too!

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