Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Special Message From My Father's World

I received an email from the MFW office and decided to post it here.

It should be self-explanatory, but should you have any questions, 
I'm sure the MFW office would be happy to answer them :)

And now...

Dear Friends:

Thank you for all you do to share My Father's World with others. We know one of the main reasons MFW is growing is because of moms like you who talk to other moms.

Now that the school year has started many families are beginning to think about their curriculum choices for next year. Others are unhappy with their choices for this year and are desperate to make a change now. We would like these families to get a MFW catalog right away. Will you help us?

Would you consider distributing MFW catalogs to your local homeschool groups? Or sending us contact information for the leader of groups in your area? Do you host a group or blog? Please share this information with your readers.

Also, many libraries have resource tables and will accept educational catalogs from patrons. Would you be willing to take MFW catalogs to your local library and find out if they can be displayed?

We can send as many catalogs as you need. We can also send them directly to a library or contact person if you can provide us with the address. To help, please respond to this email or give me a call (573-426-4600 extension 110).

David (Dee) Phillips

My Father's World

Just for clarity... I am not compensated in any way for this post.  I posted it because this is what we use and what works for us. 

Remember... your curriculum choice should be a tool to help you accomplish your goals for your children and your family.  Your curriculum choice should never be your task master.

May we continue to heed the wisdom the Lord gives us all as we teach our children and may we be led by His peace.

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Lisa said...

It's good to know that MFW cares so much about their curriculum that they actually read blogs about it! I love MFW!

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