Monday, November 22, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook November 22, 2010

FOR TODAY, November 22nd, 2010

Outside my window...
we are expecting snow!
** Brrrr **

I am thinking... 
about biblical womanhood, Thanksgiving, school, projects... yup, the brain is full!

I am thankful for...
an amazing church family, the God of our amazing church family, and
for the prayers and blessings given to us by our brothers & sisters of faith.

From the learning rooms...
We are entering Week 10
and the Georgia Colony.

We are to make a Peach Cobbler this week-- perhaps I'll finally take some pictures
and get a homeschool post up...

From the kitchen...
Meatloaf tonight, Pumpkin cookies soon, and Thanksgiving foods on Thursday :D

I am wearing...
a black tank with a purple dress thrown over, a long black sweater thrown over that,
and long Ugg boots.

I am creating...
a very fun and funky scarf.
Our Christmas cards.

I am reading...
not much of anything besides the usual Scripture/devotional reading.
My brain cannot do heavy reading right now ;P

I am praying...

I am hearing...
A very animated Abby telling Charlotte something,
Charlotte eating soup--it must be hot, she is blowing on it,
and Elijah rustling through the silverware drawer to get a spoon.

Around the house...
I can breathe and think again.
The countertop in the familyroom is cleaned off.
It is nothing short of a miracle.

In the living room, the manger is up but is not decorated yet.
(Thanks David!)

One of my favorite things...
hot water.
Seriously, I thank God at least once a day for hot water.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
School for the next three days, Thanksgiving with friends,
and more school :)

My Picture Thought...
This is last year's manger set-up.
Lesson learned the hard way-- we will NOT put an entire bale of straw in the house this year.
Wow-- I so could not breathe by the time Christmas day came!
A little sprinkle of straw in the actual manger will be just fine...


Happy Thanksgiving!


Four For France said...

Grateful for the prayers! LOVE the manger.

Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers said...

OK. Answered my own ?

Manger it is. (It is beautiful!)

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