Monday, November 1, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook Nov. 1, 10

FOR TODAY, November 1st, 2010

Outside my window...
Perhaps a candy wrapper or two from all the children last night.
It usually rains and is miserable on Oct 31-- but it was so nice yesterday that many came through our neighborhood.  It was a big year for cute, little yellow bumblebees.

It's very late... but I got hungry ;)

I am thinking... 
about the differences in boys and girls and how those differences affect their ability to learn.
I hope to have some posts up on this very soon!

I am thankful for...
 a surprise season of health all of a sudden.  I feel great :)

I am also thankful for Skype and that I was able to speak with and see my friend Tammi in Alaska :)

From the learning rooms...
We will be back at it this week.  I want to tweak a couple of things and start a "Sound City."
I'll keep you posted.

From the kitchen...
All clean and ready for the morning.
What are some of your cold weather meals you like to make?
I'm feeling strong enough to help with the cooking more and give Nana a break.

I am wearing...
My pink Sock Monkey jammies that Katie gave me for Christmas last year and my Ugg boots--
it's cold on this tile!

Wait a second and I'll take a pic...

okay, here we go...

Aren't they so cute?!

Nick and Nora from Target I think...

I am creating...
the same cowl (the gray one).  I haven't had time to pick it up over the weekend.

I did create a "new home" for the Pause and Ponders.

I need to pray and think about possible Christmas gifts to make.

I am going...
to a meeting with three of my most favorite people-- Kathy, Julie, and Kristina,
to plan the January Women's event at church,
to Elijah's Soccer team party, 
and a women's holiday dinner/benefit shopping event... thingy :)

I am reading...
I just started and finished reading, "Her Daughter's Dream" by Francine Rivers.

It was very good, of course, but, boy oh boy, was that a hard read.
It hit very close to home in several areas.
I'm kinda thinking about my life pre-surrender-to-Jesus... His grace is HUGE.

I am praying...
for our former pastor's daughter.  
She just had surgery and had to go back to the hospital because of a post-op infection.
I'm praying for her dad... he left for a long trip today.
It must be hard to be on the other side of the world when your daughter (even though older) is ill. :(

I am hearing...
nothing but the hum of the 'frig (this new one is very quiet--except the ice maker) 
and the click of my keys on the keyboard.

Around the house...
De-cluttering and reorganizing but it looks a whole lot better than it has in months.

One of my favorite things...
Seeing my children excited about something!
Abby signed up to participate in NaNoWriMo.
She is absolutely giddy.

You can follow her adventures on her brand new blog:

Mish Mash Maggie

And Charlotte is writing something for a contest.

It's so fun to see them on their beds writing, chatting, and giggling.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
School, school, and school.

It's about time, huh?? :)

My Picture Thought...

I forgot to tell you that the piano tuner found these inside our piano 
from the plague we had two years ago!

Too funny :)

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed week and don't forget meal ideas for cold weather!!

All comments have their own floatation device.

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I love chili with cornbread. You can find the recipe at my blog Simple, fast and tasty!

I've been enjoying reading your blog.

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