Saturday, November 6, 2010

Neon Thoughts

I don't know if I have enough energy and brain power to write a cohesive post.

{I am soooo exhausted today}

But I have these thoughts, like flashes of neon lights at a carnival, catching my attention only to fade away as I try to grab on to them.

I have been thinking about

{grace and mercy}

By their very definitions, grace and mercy are given to those least deserving.

Yet, giving grace and mercy are easiest to give to those
that need it the least and hardest to give to those that need it the most.

Then I remember that I deserve God's grace and mercy the least and need it the most. 
As I receive His grace and mercy, I am able to give it away... to receive again from Him.

This requires a willingness on my part.  It's such a wonderful thing-- that my flesh is often stubborn and unwilling makes me sad.


I have been thinking about

{waiting on God's timing}
It is very difficult to resist the temptation 

to create an "Ishmael" 

while waiting for God and His promised "Isaac."

It is good to remember that Satan's temptation to stumble me, 
is used by God as a trial to strengthen my faith and

trust in Him who is Faithful and True.


I have been thinking about

{this very challenging home school year}

It appears we will develop persevering muscles this year as we struggle through each week.
My understanding of long-term need of perseverance makes it a little better.

I'm trying not to wait for things to return to normal.

I'm trying to understand that this is necessary for edification and growth.

I'm grateful that my "emergency walk around the block" on Thursday led to a spontaneous "outdoor school" at the park which then led to a spontaneous trip to the Zoo.

What started out to be a very difficult day, ended very well.

His grace is sufficient for me.



The Director said...

I love you Mom :)

Lynda said...

Great post and cohesive. We have had that kind of year too. Is this the new normal? For He knows the plans He has for us. Have a blessed day.

Lainie said...

I love you too sweetie!

Lynda... I don't think it's the new normal. I think it's growing pains and building endurance.

I realized I always get like this in Week 7. And then... it passes :)

Geeta said...

I needed this reminder that it is just the time of year when school gets tough but that I need to press on.

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