Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Heart to Understand: Part Two- Organizing My Thoughts

( I am having one of my "episodes" of twitching, etc... Words are difficult to "catch" when I'm like this so please excuse typos, poor grammar, and disjointed thoughts.  Not that you'll notice a difference from my usual blogging ;) haha)

A Heart to Understand is my journey of understanding God's perfect will in regards to biblical womanhood for me and my daughters, whom the Lord has given me.  Part One is here.)

I have a little "exercise" that I do with myself (I talk to myself a lot) when I am either:

a) Facing a temptation/trial

and/or b) the Lord is "pruning" my life

and/or c) generally stressed out about something

So what I do is ask myself,

"What Do I Know To Be True?"

And by that I mean what do I know to be true about God (His character) and about myself (being created by Him and hidden in Him) and about the relationship between us as found in Scripture.

So, after my little chat with Abby, I took some time to ask myself that question.

Off the top of my head, I came up with these:

• God desires relationship.

• Jesus is the means to my having a relationship with God.

• God has given us free will.

• God established boundaries for my relationship with Him.

• God has given me His Holy Spirit to teach me and equip me to live within the boundary He has established.

• God created woman for a purpose.

• God is very protective of women.

• God reveals Himself to women.

• God's ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts higher than my thoughts.

• God is Faithful to lead and to guide; to correct and to discipline.

• God will complete the work that He has started in my and my daughters lives.

• God is good.

• God is love.

• God will not withhold any good thing from me.

Of course there is more, but for the moment this is enough to put my mind in proper perspective.

Now I start to think about the Bible and the information in the Bible.

I remind myself that there are specific time periods in the Bible which affect the context of the passages I read.

There is pre-Fall-- God's original plan/purpose for woman 

There is post- Fall/ but pre-Jesus/The Church period-- Here there is Narrative (what happened) stories and then there is the Law (God's "marriage vows" as He entered into covenant with Israel)

For these I need to recognize there are things written that apply to me in Letter and in Spirit, but some things that apply to me in Spirit only (having been fulfilled in the Letter).

"In Spirit only" things become clear in the post-Birth of Christ/Crucifixion/Resurrection/Sending of the Holy Spirit time period that make up the Epistles/Parables of the New Testament as Jesus and other NT writers comment or expound OT Law.

Whew... so where does that leave me tonight?

I know that Christ in me (and my girls) will always lead us. I know that it Jesus' work to finish this process of sanctification and being made like Him.

I know that the Spirit of God directs us.  BUT, I also know that the Spirit of God, whose job it is to point to and glorify Jesus, will not contradict Scripture.

The fact that I have unsettled questions leads me investigate what (if anything) the Word of God declares that is part of the boundary He established and that I am to obey.

The journey continues...

This post was made with great effort with a pounding headache :)


Kristin said...

As a working mom this is something I have really struggled with. I don't have a Biblical answer. But I do look back on my life and clearly see God's leading in all the paths that brought me to the point where I am at. I would not be a PT had He not orchestrated it. That is very clear to me. I know Abby, with your help and prayers, will find the right path. She is lucky to have you as her mom!

Lainie said...

Thank you Kristen! I hope you're feeling better...

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