Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Frog Dissection Day: Lots of Photos- not for the squeamish

Today was froggy day... the pictures are cool.

I have to say again how impressed we are with the specimen from Home Science Tools

The specimen was great-- flexible, not too messy, not really smelly at all, good price--
we highly recommend.

Preparing the operating room...

 Removing the specimen--

Examining the skin of the legs and...

the feet.

We determined that we had a female by the 
tympanic membrane size (the "ear") which is
almost the same size as the eye.

A male would have a much larger tympanic membrane.

 Here Charlotte is preparing to cut the hinge of the jaw
in order to open the mouth--

Say, "Ahhhh."

The kids were able to feel teeth and visualize internal nares.

Now for the main incision--

Pinning the specimen down first.  We had a layer of cardboard
underneath our styrofoam tray that came with the kit.

This gave more resistance to the pins so the specimen laid down.

It worked great.

Peeling back the skin.
Check out the blood vessels!

And finally here is a little video:

I wish the embedded video was as clear as it is for me here at home...

This post has been sterilized for your protection.


Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

Blegh! My class didn't get gloves when we did this... Disgusting! Ours smelled really bad, but maybe that's just because there were 15 or so.

Pauline said...

Brings back memories from my old frog dissection days. And that awful smell....Ewww!

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