Sunday, November 21, 2010

ECC- India poem

I was cleaning out some paperwork and found a poem that Charlotte wrote when we were doing ECC (Exploring Countries and Cultures).

I thought I'd share... mainly because I am afraid I will lose it so there will at least be a record here ;)

by Charlotte M.

India is a precious jewel,
No longer under British rule.
Under golden, yellow skies,
It's a delight to taste and eyes.

In India there are mangoes, bananas, meat and rice.
And lots and lots and lots of spice.
Red, orange, green, and blue.
Exotic colors, gorgeous hue.

Watch the cobra do it's dance,
While the charmer plays it's trance.
The Sloth Bear is big, black, and white,
And loves to eat the tiny termite.

India is a precious jewel,
Reflected in the Taj's pool.
Under the moonlit, inky skies,
Now it's time to say, "Goodbye."

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