Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Captain and...not Tennille

Unless he is helping out on Science, The Captain doesn't seem to get much coverage here on Mishmash.

I wanted to remedy that.

Since you guys can't all come over (even though you are welcomed to!) I thought I would give you a sneak peek at what you will often find me and the hubs doing in the evening.

We play duets on the piano.

Now keep in mind, I didn't say we play them well.

We just play them because playing together has become one of our favorite things to do together.

I just love the picture of marriage--

each playing his/her part and those two parts making one beautiful song.

Yes, sometimes a wrong note is hit.

Or, timing is off and out of sync.

But, we keep playing... and practicing... and playing some more.

By the time we know it, we've reached the end of the song... and finished well hopefully.

I posted a new duet on Facebook, but this one is Blessed Assurance and one of my favorites that we do.

To all the married couples, keep practicing and playing your song.
It's beautiful to all who hear it-- missed notes and all.

By drawing near to our Blessed Assurance--Jesus, we will finish well.

(It was very cold the night we recorded this... it is our squeaky pedal you hear early on :)
((I didn't want you to think we were stepping on the ferret!))

Do you tickle the ivories??
(For you readers too young to know who Captain and Tennille are, they actually have their own website here.  I can't believe they're still playing.  I grew-up listening to them.
She still looks beautiful!
Anyway,  but don't tell me you're too young because I feel old enough as it is! :)


Everyone's Favorite Composer said...

That's lovely! I really enjoy it when you play together.

That poor ferret...

Lainie said...

I enjoy listening to you when you play :) You ARE everyone's favorite composer!! ;)

And are you kidding about that ferret? He is treated better than most people's children :D

Ann said...

I love it when you play piano together as well. Love the itty bitty soft whispery counting you do:) So adorable!

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