Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bird's Nest?

Our daughter Charlotte has very loooooonnnnnngggggg hair.

She doesn't always remember to brush her very long hair.

When she forgets for more than a day or two, her hair tangles something fierce.

(We won't talk about her shampooing and conditioning her hair during hair brushing lapses and what that does for her already tangled tresses-- deep breath)

I usually have to help her make order of her messy mane.

For years now, as I am combing/brushing as carefully as I can-- depending on my caffeine level ;P
I say to her,

"Oh Charlotte, your hair is such a bird's nest!"


the other night she was feeling particularly silly.

From the other room she called out, 

"Moooommmmm, you always say my hair is a bird's nest. 
Now, it actually is--"

Funny girl...


This post can be towel dried.

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