Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Writing Strands Wednesday- Exercise 2: Day 7

pg. 11- Paragraph writing...

Step #1 Decide a subject and what information I want to give.

Step #2 Create a list of this information... a write each point into it's own sentence

Step#3 Write the topic sentence

pg. 12  Step #1

The idea of my paragraph...

Making lacto-fermented salsa in large batches

Step #2

The list of descriptive points, not sentences for my paragraph...

1) Buying mainly fresh ingredients

2) Using some canned or "other" prepared ingredients

3) Having a very large bowl

4) Using a Vita Mix to chop

5) Having a cup of whey available

6) Storing it in a gallon sized, lidded jar

7) Sharing it with friends

8) Long storage life

Decide the tense: Present
I will write my paragraph in First Person

The first sentence of my body (not the topic sentence).

(1) Onions, cilantro, Anaheim chiles,  and Serrano and Jalapeno peppers are some of of fresh, organic produce I use to make salsa.

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