Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Writing Strands Wednesday- Exercise 1: Days 1 and 2

** If this post seems random you might want to read this first.**

Day One:

My sample: Lainie cooked.

Abby's sample: Jake cooked.

Charlotte's sample: Darren jumped.

Elijah's sample: Chelsea draws.

(pg. 3)

Day Two:

1) Lainie cooked.

2) Lainie cooked dinner.

3) Yesterday, Lainie cooked dinner.

4) Yesterday, Lainie cooked our dinner.

5) Yesterday, Lainie cooked our guest dinner.

Abby: Jake cooked quesadillas. Jake cooked yummy quesadillas.  Jake cooked four yummy quesadillas. Yesterday, Jake cooked four yummy quesadillas.

Charlotte: Darren jumped.  Darren jumped beautifully.  Darren jumped far beautifully.  Today, Darren jumped far beautifully.  Today, Darren jumped far so beautifully.

Elijah: Chelsea draws.  Chelsea draws well. Chelsea draws very well. Chelsea draws bubbles very well. Chelsea draws soapy bubbles very well.

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