Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank you and randomness

I started this post on Friday night and never got back to it.

It's been such a busy weekend ;)

I am so encouraged by all the comments left and there were some things suggested that I had already been thinking about (like Simple Woman's Daybook).

Thank you all for taking time to email and comment.

I did think about when I stopped posting much of our everyday stuff and I realized...

Facebook changed how I blogged. :(

I don't have the steam to post here when I have already made some remark about it on FB.

Balance.  I'm looking for balance :)

Blogging has also changed because I am not always able to type (or it's too much effort).

I know when I "flare up" that I reduce everything down to the most important which is--

Jesus and my family.

Whenever finally makes it on this blog, I am grateful to have you all here and so glad that I am able to visit you too :)

So here is my random thing...

I was so happy on Friday because I was able to get a haircut.  As I was getting ready to leave for my appointment and I thought, "Should I post this on Facebook?"

I have no idea why, but I thought, "The reason why we post these things on FB is because it doesn't cost us anything and there is so little effort involved.  What would FB, Twitter, etc... look like if it actually required labor and resources?"

So in my mind I came up with this picture:


These are the things my weird brain thinks up.

Here this one guy has totally clear-cut his entire mountain so he can send these really random messages to the people across the mountain.

Can you imagine if we actually had to cut trees, make fire, then send smoke signals??

Would I post that there is a cute squirrel on my back deck?

No!  I would be out trying to kill it for a midnight snack later!

Ah, but we don't have to exert that much effort so we do post things so everyday.

Which, of course, got me to thinking about why.

I think people didn't send smoke signals to tell people about a squirrel because there were people near him... friends and relatives that lived and worked in close proximity.  With a nudge of an elbow (instead of a virtual poke) people communicated and shared all day long.

I think sites like FB are hugely successful because (I could totally be over analyzing here) but I think it's because most people are lonely for their friends and family that are far away.

And maybe by sharing the most ordinary information they are somehow with us in the day-to-day and we don't miss them as much.

And besides, without Facebook, how would I ever know about cool things like this:

Cool Thing

Alright... this concludes today's ramblings :)

All comments are tax-deductible :)


Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers said...

FB almost gets in the way of my blog. but you're right, it's an easy, peasy way for me to 'stay in touch' with friends and family back home. i've been FB crazy for a few months now, but it's kinds wearing off.

i'm over FB.

Twitter, Tweet Deck...baffles me! isn't it just a bunch of FB statused, or am i totally lost?

Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers said...

i'm tired. my typing says so.

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