Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Legacy

The piano tuner came today.

We had one stuck key too many and Marimba Sticks informed us we were a half-step off :)

She also tells me what "key" my microwave beep is, but I digress. 

This post isn't about Marimba Sticks.

This post is about a little girl that had a dream... a great yearning in her heart.

This little girl grew up very poor, yet very blessed she tells us, in the Philippines.

And all this little girl wanted was--

a piano.

She did receive a musical instrument from her Dad... whom she really didn't know until she was twelve.

They had recently moved to another island, Hawaii, and in that beautiful place the very beautiful girl was given--

an ukelele.

What she wanted and yearned for was--

And what she received was--

So she learned to play the ukelele.

She can still play even though she has signs of arthritis and trigger finger.

But even while she played with her fingers, her heart held on to the dream.


Eight years later, the beautiful girl was now a married woman living in Japan with a baby girl on the way.

Japan was home to the Yamaha corporation which had started making an affordable line of pianos.

Thankfully, the military base sold these pianos and made available "lay away" plans.

At a time when a monthly salary was $360 a month, she agreed to pay $15-$20 a month until the entire purchase price of $368.00 was paid.

And every month she faithfully paid until it was hers...

By now you've guessed that the beautiful little girl is our Nana.

She never really learned to play.

But that's okay.

Her children did.

Although I've never played with great proficiency (my brother was amazing), it brings her great joy to hear me plunk out a few songs now and then.

I had my first recital in First Grade--

And today, every member of our family enjoys "her" piano in some capacity.

Today was tuning day...

I realized it's not just an instrument made with wood, strings, and keys.

It's the symbol of a heart's desire that became a reality.

Instead of simply making sweet music, this piano, now 42 years old, has made sweet memories.


Jimmie said...

What a beautiful story. And I like the photos mixed in too. Today at Sprite's piano lesson, a woman asked me why I chose piano instead of violin for Sprite.
I had to think hard.
I said 1. Violin sounds terrible for a long time until you get proficiency. 2. Piano is commonly used to accompany worship music. She seemed satisfied with my answer.

Ann said...

Awwww...sweet precious little Nana and her dream is realized through you all! And by the way you most certainly DO NOT plunk! Miss Lainy Pants as Kim so lovingly calls you! You play beautifully!

Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers said...

I love Nana more every time you post about her.

I have a piano dream too.

And, I just heard that weird guy (Robin Leach?) say, "coconut wishes and piano dreams..."

I need some sleep.

***Enjoying your posts BTW!

Mary Lou said...

Beautifully written as always......I really should learn to have a box of Kleenex' close by when I read your posts!

Rochelle Bradley said...

A simply beautiful story.I loved it.Thank you for sharing.

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