Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kings, Coffee, and Evaporated Milk?

Since we do our bible and history time together, I often pause while reading to make sure our youngest student is understanding the material.

I read this passage, "... From this time on, he was known as James VI of Scotland and James I of England.
     James traveled south into England for his English coronation."

I interrupted myself to ask Elijah,

"Do you know what a 'coronation' is?"

He thought about it for a second, then replied,


Like Coronation Milk?"

Ah... no.

Cor-o-nation like...


Alrighty then, moving on...

This week I read this passage,

" A year later, John Wintrop paved the way for a mass exodus of English immigrants.  Winthrop, who was a burgess-"

Here I asked, "Anyone know what a bur-"
Abigail interrupted and said, " A lord or landowner."

Awesome,  two points for Abby :)

Then I finished the sentence.  "... who was a burgess and a barrister."

"You knows what a barrister is?" I asked.

Again, Miss Abigail pipes up,

"A barrister... isn't that a coffee person?"


"Abby.  A barista makes coffee.

A barrister

is a lawyer."

Oh dear.

She insists that she was just messing with me.  But the 'jury' is still out!
Haha, get it?

Oh dear.  {wipes eyes} 

That's how it is in the Mishmash school these days.  We take it in stride, laugh (or roll our eyes), and take each moment for what it is."

To quote Nana,

"You know, when it rains, it rains.
When it pours, it pours."

Yes Nana, exactly what I would say :)


parodysonggal said...

So, do "barristers" use "Coronation Milk" when serving a latte (lot of) royal customers?

Lainie said...

I love it! Good one :D

~Cyndi said...


And I know exactly what Nana means.

RachelT said...

You made me LOL! Very cute!

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