Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Not Scary... Really!

Last week we received our box from

We ordered owl pellets (Week 6) and a frog for dissection (Week 8).

The TM listed to have one or the other.  But, I decided to order both.

I was so excited for it to arrive!


the day the box came, I got all wimpy!

I had no idea what it would look like, so I didn't want to open it.

Karl opened it when he got home.  I watched from a safe distance-- hee hee

But, I'm here to tell you (and show you) that it's not scary, or smelly, at all.

After the box is opened, all you will see is paper--

See?  Not scary.

Then there is a sheet of paper with your order and your specimens are underneath.

Here is Mr. Frog Dude

There is a frog in there-- here's a close-up:

These frogs are a nice size and they have latex-injected veins and arteries to help the kiddos see them better.

The owl pellets were a lot smaller than I thought they would be.

These were definitely not scary...

So there you have it!

You don't need to be the slightest bit nervous about opening your box :D


Do any of you have any good dissection stories?  What about tips?

I'm planning on all of us wearing gloves and doing the dissections outside on a plasticwrap-wrapped picnic table...

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