Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chocolate Birds' Nest, Wonky Necks, and A Really Great Book

Broken "Shredded Wheat" for grass, 
Chow Mein noodles for twigs, 
Chocolate chips and peanut butter for mud
= edible birds' nest

They were actually yummy...

• • •

My poor, sweet, baby hurt her neck on Monday and could only look to the left for the last two days.
I was able to bring her to our naturopath/chiropractor and he helped her, but she was so locked up, she is not bouncing back too fast :(

Poor sweet thing... I know it's bad when Abby actually naps in the middle of the day.

With her not able to do any work because she can't tip her head down, two of the children having dentist appointments today, and yesterday being declared a catch-up/ clean-up kinda day, we aren't plunging into Week 7 of school.

Instead we are doing the two science activities from Week 6 and doing whatever else we can.

So, hopefully, tomorrow will be Owl Pellet day!  I'm kinda excited about that one.

• • •

I finished the book about Lady Jane Grey tonight.  Wow-wee kazowee was that a great book.

Definitely for your older students (there is romance, some beatings, and executions).  But Deborah Meroff did an amazing job of making the historical account of Lady Jane come to life.  

It was a challenging read for me.  I had to concentrate to keep everybody straight, but it was worth the effort.

One of the quotes I loved was,

"The reward is not in being remembered, Lady Jane, 

but in knowing that while one lives one has fought a good fight, 

and finished the course God has set. 

Why should any of us envy another 

as long as we have been given a particular work to do?" 

Definitely food for thought...

• • •

I'm very excited for this weekend... this post has been so random, I thought I would just finish it off with more randomness ;P

Ta-ta for now...

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Anonymous said...

This was an activity listed in Adventures that I skipped as I have one child with a peanut allergy. In seeing the finished product I realized I could have used Nutella. Thanks for posting the pictures as I think we'll have to do this this year just for fun. :)

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