Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 2: Day 4 Model of a Backbone

The science activity for this day was to make a model backbone.

MFW tries to keep most of the hands-on activities fast, easy, and simple.  They are meant to add another dimension to the learning and are not meant to bog down the family.

To make this model backbone we needed spools of thread.  I feel a little protective of my spools of thread since I started sewing this year.

Again, the curriculum/ teacher's manual is not meant to be a task master... simply a tool to accomplish learning.

So, I looked around and realized that we had many wooden beads from a project we are doing (courtesy of the "Hawaskans.")

I must said, these beads made great vertebrae!

Instead of using a straw for the spinal cord, we used the every-handy pipe cleaner...

Fast, easy, simple... yet, effective.


MB said...

Hey that's cool. I love that you are a year ahead of me so I can see how to do things better :)

Kysha said...

Cool! Simply cool!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

We haven't delved into a full study of the human body yet. That will be the next science we do... just as soon as we finish our current curriculum!

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