Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 2: Day 2 Conquistadores & Bronzer, Math, and All About Spelling

From Story of the World, vol. 2; pages 19-22, our assigned ready for today...

"... For hundreds of years, traders from Spain and other European countries 
had traveled east to India,
where they bought cloves, nutmeg, and pepper..."

It wasn't planned or prompted in the TM, but I stopped reading and grabbed these from the drawer--

and made everyone sniff them :)

Elijah, who likes hands-on stuff, taped some of them to his notebooking page...

I continued to read and came across this sentence,

"...And they told stories about a king called El Dorado 
(or, in English, the "Man of Gold"),
who was so rich he wallowed in gold dust every day."

It made me stop and think about why he would do that.  Y'know, other than, he could.

And I realized that gold dust, like glitter or a bronzer, would stick to the skin, and with the South American sunshine, the king would look like... a god.

I was explaining this and had to stop, run upstairs, and grab this from my make-up bag:

I dusted Abby's entire face but she would not allow a picture :)

So we wiped some on an index card:

And they could see how the metallic powder reflects the light.

I was a little random today!  But, I was having fun :D

I wanted the kids to have fun too. Soooo...
Since there were a few references in our reading today about explorers that sent home letters which described conditions in South America, I suggested that Abby do that too!

I suggested she "write a letter" and use Google translate to print it in Spanish.  So, she did!

The English side--

The translated side--

Now keep in mind... it isn't always an accurate translation.

But, it sure is pretty...

after being copy and pasted in a Word document.
Oh, and it was fun :)

Here is the finished page--


In Math today, Elijah is reviewing place values--

So we brought out this--

Sometimes it helps to see it.  But sometimes, like today, it just sparks imaginative play and then math takes three-times as long :/

But, at least he was having fun with it and he did get all of his work finished before his first soccer practice today!

The last thing I'm gonna share today is a short video clip of Elijah segmenting sounds from short words.

I am really liking All About Spelling.

After he segmented, he built words with letter tiles.  He is cruising right along (since we started at Level One to avoid holes/gaps).  I'm curious what level he will get to this year...

Anyway, I just love that he is starting to do this as he is writing in other subjects.

I see him making this movement with his fingers as he sounds out words.  

It is pretty cool...


beaglemamma said...


I loved the bronzer idea! It's really fun to be "in the moment" like that with the kids, isn't it, and just do what pops in your head? :)

We started my oldest (7) in AAS in April of last year, and it has been a great fit. Easy, yes, but that's okay, right? Builds confidence and makes her feel like a real smarty-pants! :)

I love to read your blog and get a preview of what's to come in future years. So glad to see that today was more fun for you than last week was! (BTW, I loved Charlotte's drawing of God in last week's post!)

Thanks for taking the time to post so many great ideas on your blog. Those of us who are walking the path behind you really benefit from it!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I love your hands on homeschooling! It's always extra fun when you can dot the day with brilliant ideas that make the material real to them.

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