Monday, September 27, 2010

Products That Help: Joining the Revolution!

The Chalk Revolution!


I had no idea there was a "chalk revolution, " but the folks at Studio Image seem to think so.

So much so, they printed it on the label of these...

 What are these?

Well, as previously observed, I use our windows as extra whiteboards.

Grabbing an Expo or Quartet dry erase marker is fast and easy.  However, with the days being so short and night coming early, we can't read our windows when it's dark outside.

 These markers, obtained at Michael's Arts and Crafts, lay beautiful color on my windows that are a wet erase-- no accidental smearing.

It is actually easier to read in person.  Mucho difficulte to snap a picture of this with a Point and Shoot.

 Anyhoo, there they are and so far so good.  We're very excited about them.

But then again, we're nerds ;P


Abby said...

I've heard that these work great with chalkboards created from chalkboard paint. I have a chalkboard project for my dining room...can't wait to try these markers once the project is finished!

MB said...

I never ever thought to use my window as a board. Wow. You are just so full of wisdom. And I love the idea. Our windows in the school room have screens on them, so this would be a hassle, but our upstairs has a huge deck door window. Perfecto. I might have to give this a try. Were these expensive? I might swing by Michael's and check them out! Thanks for the tip, you lovely homeschool goddess.

Mrs. Mandy said...

Oh oh oh I have been looking for these kind of things for months. I knew crayola sold a wet erase Star Wars black Recoloritz set and since we had like 2 sets and the pens seemed a bit like they might work on our dry erase board I tried it. Love the color on it an so easy to clean no shadows either. I have also used the windows with dry erase markers but not these. Anyway I asked Crayola where I could buy the pens and they told me they do not make them except for the sets....What?!
So thank you so much for posting these I am one happy momma!

Lainie said...

Abby-- you'll have to let us know you it worked. I imagine they'll work great...

MB-- what's up girl?? Feel free to use this on Homeschool Rescue if you'd like.

Mrs. Mandy-- you are so very welcome!

Just Trish said...

Thank you so much! I have a huge window in my living room. I never thought to use it as my whiteboard.

Casey said...

I am a new follower of your blog. I am mostly excited to hear that you use your windows as white boards! I was disappointed that we had no room for a white board, since we are schooling in the dining room. But there is a patio door in our dining room, right next to the table! I'm going to go get some of these markers right away! Thanks!

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