Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Popsicle Stick Lainie" Presents: Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Our Whiteboard

Oh dear.

If this isn't actually useful to anyone, at least it is mildly amusing.

Maybe I shouldn't have chocolate so late in the evening...

*** I didn't realize until tonight that the Photobucket one cuts off after 10 mins (which is a good thing??) Anyhoo, the whole thing is on the Facebook feed-- but sometimes it's down which is why I uploaded to Photobucket... but I didn't realize there was a 10 min limit.  Sorry :(

Thank you Amy Karol for the inspiration-- You rock!


Abby said...

Loved this post! Popsicle Lanie, how fun. :) My oldest dd said that she did want to listen to country music first thing in the morning though. :) (She was being funny)

LuLou said...

Loved the video. Dacia Grace loved it as well. Thinking how this might help us over here.

Mrs. Mandy said...

Oh my Lainie I am laughing so hard over here. Love the different expressions! Great idea because I find I am writing things on the board to remind myself to tell the kids. My kids could be more independent this way!!!!

Lainie said...

Abby-- I never recommend country music before a balanced breakfast :D

LuLou-- I hope it works for you somehow!

Mrs. Mandy-- Independence is a very good thing!

Vicki said...

This is probably a REALLY old post but hey I'll ask anyway...Are your kids doing alot on their own with your book list and stuffs? Like you read some with them and other things you let them do alone? We did this alot with ECC we let them read together so I could work with other kids or make lunch. I was always discussing with them though..

Thanks!! And so funny with the popsicle sticks!

mrsthurin said...

Wow!!! Thank you soooooo much. This is my first year using MFW and I was a bit nervous. Now that I understand the white board and how to use it I feel much better!
Now for the "time boxes"
Do you know about that?

Looking for something??