Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homeschool Highlights Week 3 Exp-1850

Because of our annual trip to Washington Family Ranch ( to serve Multnomah University), we ended up taking week 3 over two weeks.

So, here is what we did and how it went...

In Bible, we continued to memorize verses from the Book of James.

We've now memorized Chapter 1; verses 1 through 8.

When you are studying and memorizing verses with phrases like, "various trials" and "testing of your faith," you can be sure your life will become very interesting.

We are "considering it all joy" while we look to Jesus to be our strength and giver of the wisdom He promises "to all generously and without reproach."

We started a new hymn, "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms."
We start each day out with our hymn and have just started singing the hymn again in the evening before read aloud.  This way Nana, Papa, and Karl can learn them too.

It is a blessing to hear everyone singing.

I really like this hymn and the verse it is based on, Deut. 33:27.
A few weeks ago I did a devotional on this verse-- how timely :)

In History, we learnth about King James and how he madeth everyone wroth!

Our family is comfortable with the King James version of the bible so there wasn't any "novelty," but we appreciated learning more about him and the beginnings of Jamestown, which was named in his honor.

Here are some notebooking pages...

Our activity was to make a simplistic wigwam.  I didn't have "brown" construction paper and completely flaked on realizing we could have used a grocery bag-- duhhhh.

I'm silly.

Anyhoo, we made ours orange.  It didn't really add to the... authenticity of the wigwam. :)

In Science, we are studying zoology.  Specifically, we are learning about mammals.

(Our kitchen windows double as extra whiteboards.)

We were delighted to read "mammals" on the window...

while seeing a mammal through the window...

Charlotte did half of her report on bears and the other half on giraffes so
she drew half of each!

Abby's science involves experiments which always seem to in the kitchen... while I'm trying to make dinner.

I think having a designated "science center" would help the chaos and encourage her to do the experiments right away and not... procrastinate.

She eagerly set to work cleaning the garage and creating a little space...

We are holding our own in Math, English, and Spelling.

We are super-dee duper busy now that the girls are back to ballet-- four classes a week and Elijah has started soccer.  I am focusing on getting through October!

But we are so excited to see our girls get to this level of dance and they are loving it :)

We finished our week with... a win for Elijah's team :D

And a celebration of Papa's birthday.

Aren't they so cute?!

I hope you guys had a great week too!

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