Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homeschool Highlights Week 2 Exp-1850

I realized I never did a complete post about Week Two.

Not that there was too much different from Week One.
We memorized verses 1-4 of James and sang This Is My Father's World

Besides learning about Charles V and Spanish Conquistadors,
we learned-- hopefully-- about the Netherlands, William the Silent, Mary (Queen of Scots), and Sir Walter Raleigh.

Now the reason I say hopefully is this...

 Notice the commentary?

Not just one child...
 Both felt compelled to comment!

We're having some, er... challenges in the enthusiasm department this year and fighting off a general malaise of...

Like I said, the homeschooling "honeymoon" is over and we're just having to do business.


This is probably waaayyy overdue, but seriously, we never needed to before.
But this year (starting at the end of Week Two) we are now having an individual sit down meeting with Dad.

I sit with the TM and relay what was covered over the week, what assignments should be completed, and results of tests and activities.  Dad looks through all their work and provides accountability for all of us.

I cannot express how much lighter the burden/responsibility feels to me.
I am free to give the assignments and if students aren't prompt or as ...diligent in their work as they could be, there is now another person to answer to besides me.

Besides, I think the children (especially the younger two) enjoy showing Daddy all their hard work.

I love having accountability for myself too.

We decided to start doing this now to create the habit we'll need once Abby starts the high school program.

Weekly meetings are built-in and we would rather us get used to it now rather than later.

The best bonus is that at the end of each meeting, Karl prays for each child which supplies the most important part of their covering.

So far so good--- I'll keep ya posted...

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beaglemamma said...

What a wonderful idea! We're still in our honeymoon phase, but we're only in 2nd grade, so that is to be expected. But I'll definitely have to keep that in mind for future years.

I linked to you from my blog in a friendly game of tag. I know you may not have time to participate, but I always enjoy reading your posts, so I really wanted to include you to get to know you better! :) Don't feel pressured to play along, but if you do choose to, I look forward to reading your replies! :) You can visit my blog for more info -


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