Saturday, September 4, 2010

Calling All Soccer Moms!

This Fall I am joining the ranks of Soccer Mom.


In order to jump right in there, I am seeking wisdom from the soccer/football/baseball moms that have gone before me.

I was asking my good friend Alesha to share her wisdom and give me ideas to help me adjust to this new role.

Because our Fall season can sometimes be rainy/muddy, here are some of the things we came up to help my learning curve.

If you can think of something else, please chime in!

None of my kids have ever played on a "team" sport.  They play instruments, the girls dance, and the boy has done a few soccer skills classes.  But he has never played on a team where there were actual games.

We hope he is healthy enough to do this (especially as the weather cools off and the rains come in).

We'll never know until we try and he is very excited to be able to do this.

But, I need your help!!  Share your experiences and bits of wisdom will ya?

Here is what we have so far:

• Bring flip flops or some other easy to slip on/easy to clean shoe for him for after practices/games.
On muddy days, he'll be able to take off the mud caked shoes before getting into the van and slip on clean "slippahs" as they are called on the Islands :)

• To transport potentially soaked/muddy shoes, clothes, etc... throw my handy-dandy 5 gallon paint bucket in the trunk.  They are cheap, easy to clean, and have a handle.  Oh yeah...

• Collapsible folding chairs and a blanket for the Momma.

• I get cold easy so I better keep a jacket/hat/gloves in the van for me too.

• Snacks/water/Motrin/First-Aid kit

• Big towel or two :)


• Camera

• A long-sleeved, dry-wick material shirt to wear under his jersey on colder days.


That was as far as we got before dinner tonight.  I'm sure some other things will come to mind as the season progresses.

Do you have anything to add?  I would love to know!


Kristin said...

I always keep an umbrella in the car and wear rainboots for when it is raining and muddy.
I don't usually worry about shoes too much for Connor as we park in the garage but I usually have a change of clothes if he is going to get really wet/muddy.
If he doesn't do well in the cold, find a good set of long johns or something thin but warm for him to wear under his jersey and shorts.
A warm drink for you!
Have lots of fun!

Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers said...

I second the umbrellas, sweatpants under shorts, and warm drinks.

We take a travel cooler/ice for our cold drinks. And, popcorn was the best a handled brown paper bag (like Bath & Body works bags).

The girls always take a book.


And, whatever you do...don't forget the team snack when it's your turn :)

Tammi Kay said...

I am gymnastics mom. All we need is a dry t-shirt and a water bottle to dump over a sweaty head! (His...not mine.)

Misty said...

I was a soccer mom for years. Soccer moms can be the craziest (and unfortunately, the rudest) sports' parents out there.

Sunglasses...there were many times we had to go to early games and sit with our faces towards the rising sun and couldn't see a thing!

A hat...sometimes there were trees we had to sit under.

Lainie said...

Great ideas everyone!

Kristin-- we found an UnderArmor dry wick, long-sleeved shirt for under his jersey. Wet cotton sucks the heat right out of a person. Thanks for mentioning a long-sleeved "under" thing because it hadn't crossed my mind!

LuLou said...

Handwarmers....the kind that you can break and have instant heat. Also the break and instant cold packs for instant icing needs. Moleskin for blisters. Clean socks to go along with the "slippahs" for those cold days when the feet get soaked with rain and mud and he is C-O-L-D!

Kristin said...

Lainie, glad you found something for him to wear. It seems like it's going to be a rainy season this year.

Mama Jenn said...

Oh Lainie, I am joining the ranks of soccer mom too! I have to admit, I am really excited! When I dreamed of being a mama, this is what I thought about...not the smell of babies or their soft bottoms, but driving around being a soccer mom! I know it sounds crazy, but the boys had their first game and I was LOVING it!!!!!!!!

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